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This item: Cutters - Xuron Professional Sprue Cutter 2175ET. $21.74 ($6.18/oz) Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Sold by Micro-Tools and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. TAMIYA 87038 Extra Thin Cement Glue Fine Tip 40ml. $9.06 Blue Spruce Toolworks Sloyd Knives are perfect for doing a variety of tasks. Coated with Cerekote ceramic coating for corrosion-resistance durability. Check out our Joiners Knife, a smaller-blade version of our Sloyd Knife The Suru is a Fox Knives collaboration with knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes, and winner of the Blade Show 2018 Knife of the Year award. It features a lightweight, EDC-friendly build with an innovative frame lock design made using aluminum or carbon fiber with a steel lockbar insert Achieve professional results every time with the Xpert Moon / Sprue Knife from our hand tool range - essential kit for anyone who fabricates, fits or fixes doors and windows for a living. Visit our website to learn more, find a stockist or enquire about selling our range Sloyd Knife. $85.00. Our version of the Sloyd Knife is based upon the original pattern recommended for the Sloyd system of teaching woodworking. It is a very versatile and comfortable knife to use for a wide variety of tasks. The blade is finely machined from 1095 high carbon steel that has been heat treated and tempered for a fine grain.

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  1. Seen here the Techspan Hot Knife HSGM & Engel Styro Cutter. Used to 'de-gate' sprues from injection moulded parts. Save time, buy online http://www.techspano..
  2. One of the most basic activities in model building is also one of the most misunderstood, at least by beginners: removing parts from the sprue or parts tree. It's normal to want to get in there and twist parts off or use a hobby knife to cut them away, but doing either could break your parts, or, at the very least, leave them with ugly deformations
  3. A sprue is the vertical passage through which liquid material is introduced into a mold and it is a large diameter channel through which the material enters the mold. It connects pouring basin to the runner. Hobbyists typically remove the parts of a model kit from the runner using a sharp craft knife or razor saw. The sprues usually form a.

Sprue Brothers Models Private Label Products; Squadron; Star Decals; Starfighter Decals; Steel Beach Accessories; Still Motions Photographics; Streets of Laredo; Strelets; Super Bug Models; Superscale Decals; Swor The sprue that you wish to remove the part from (in this case, a sprue from a Master Grade Zaku II Ver 2.0 kit). Cutting implements - a pair of plastic cutters (not wire cutters or finger nail cutters) and a hobby knife are a must. Sanding pads and sticks (preferrably 2 or 3 different grades from fine to very fine Sharp hobby knife is fine, but it's a much slower process since it requires a little more effort, and care that you don't damage bits or hurt yourself. Sprue cutters are the best. Games Workshop makes their own, and they're really good, but you can find cheaper pairs for 5-8 dollars that do the job just fine Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Combining the fit-anywhere size, cutting precision and control of our Despruing Tweezer with the extra leverage and familiar feel of a plier, the Micro-Mark Modeler's Micro Sprue Cutting Plier is the perhaps the most versatile tool you will find for removing plastic parts from their trees

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Home > > Tools and Accessories > Knives > Don Carlos Sprue Knife. 0 Reviews. Don Carlos Sprue Knife SKU: ELSPRUEKNDC. Learn more. £51.41 each (Exl. VAT: £42.84) 0 Reviews. Qty. Add to basket. Check Stock Tell us where you are to check stock: Check. × Find. For heavy sprue cutting, I use my old sprue cutters that are more than 30 years old! When the part is too close to the sprue tree, I won't take the chance of forcing the cutter in. I'll just use my hobby knife to take the part off. Of course, do hold the part down to prevent launching it into the orbit Razor blade. BO 6514100. Packed in 100´s. Add to wish list. Simplex Knife. BO 3001901. Made of aluminium · extra sharp, pointed blade · for screw-on blades · with aluminium handle and protective cover or aluminium handle with plastic coating and protective cover Aluminium handle with plastic coating and protective.. Apply only gentle pressure and use the knife with a rocking motion. If a flush cutter is not available, then a sharp craft knife will do fine. In this situation, put the sprue on a surface and apply light pressure with the knife using a rocking motion. Make sure the cutting surface is protected

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www.intscalemodeller.com (ISM) - Established on 23rd May, 2013. An International Scale Modelling forum focusing on fun and information. A haven for all modellers everywhere... Sprue Cutter, Hobby Knife, Tweezers & Needle File. Manufacturer: Humbrol Product #: 9150 Condition: Brand new. Please ask questions before you buy. Thanks for looking and check out my other items. I ask all buyers to pay within 3 days of purchase or item will be re-listed and unpaid item case opened. All sales are final Sprue Grippers for End of Arm Toolings (EOAT) EMI offers the largest in stock selection of sprue grippers for end-of-arm tooling with models from Senvex, >ASS<, Harmo, Gimatic and more. We stock many sizes of EOAT sprue grippers, from micro to full body; they provide precise gripping for demolding. Elastomer-coated and HNBR padded jaws provide.

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Craft knife. Part No |AC-PTK1009. FULL UK SUPPORT. Established in the UK in 2003. Mini flat file The Swann Morton® Knife Blades No.11 is an elongated triangular blade sharpened along the hypotenuse edge with a strong pointed tip making it ideal for stab incisions needed when lancing an abscess or inserting a chest drain. It is held like a pencil and often upside down by the surgeon to prevent it inadvertently being inserted too deep Swann Morton® Knife Blades No.12 The No.12 is a small, pointed, crescent shaped blade sharpened along the inside edge of the curve. It is sometimes utilised as a suture cutter but also for arteriotomies (surgical incision of an artery) Plants From Sprue. Rob Russell from Dungeoncrawlers made these incredibly tiny plants from sprue. Each plant is only a few millimetres tall! Rob warns that his method (explained below) involves cutting towards your fingers with a sharp knife so we suggest making a 'guard' by making a hole in a suitably thick piece of plastic card and pushing. Does anyone else have lots of excess sprue bits or snags or whatever you want to call them on their Outriders in particular? I'm not super experienced on assembling minis, and these were a lot tougher to get off the sprue cleanly. Close. 25. Posted by 2 hours ago

A sprue is the vertical passage through which liquid material is introduced into a mold and it is a large diameter channel through which the material enters the mold. It connects pouring basin to the runner. In many cases it controls the flow of material into the mold. During casting or molding, the material in the sprue will solidify and need to be removed from the finished part Details about Plastic Modelling Tool: Sprue Cutter, Knife, #11 Blades, Cutting Mat & Flat File. Be the first to write a review. Plastic Modelling Tool: Sprue Cutter, Knife, #11 Blades, Cutting Mat & Flat File. Item information. Condition: New. Quantity: More than 10 available / 10 sold

ItemName: Lego Minifigure, Weapon Knives, 2 on Sprue, ItemType: Part, ItemNo: 44658c01, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace Heated Sprue Gate Cutters. DME offers a range of Heated Sprue Gate Cutters and Accessories. This includes the HT180, HT200, HT120, HT130, HT160 and the HT170. Some of the accessories DME has to offer are the Controller for AH & HT Series Cutters and the Watt Heater. Specifications

Professional Sprue Cutter: Part Number: 2175ET: Pros: Solid upgrade to their tried and true sprue cutter: Cons: Nothing noted: MSRP (USD) $23.95: First Look. If you've been modeling a while (and I have), you might remember some of the various techniques used to remove a styrene part from its sprue tree. I tended to use an X-Acto knife for the. Hobby Knife. There are numerous hobby knife sets you can pick up with blades of all different sizes and shapes.. But the defacto knife is the x-acto knife.. A hobby knife is the most necessary of all your cutting instruments, In later sections, you will also come across sprue clippers and mould line removers Air Knife / Hybrid. Belting for Part Cooling. Metal Detecting Expand. Aperture Style. Flat Bed Style. Options / Specialty Equipment Expand. Aluminum Flat Top Chain. Home > End-of-Arm Tooling > Sprue Grippers > Economy Grippers Plastic Sprue Grippers Economy Sprue Gripper Phone: 216-535-4848 Sales@EMIcorp.com.

*NEW* Lego Dark Grey Daggers Knives Knife Minifigs Figs 2 pairs Sprue - 4 pieces. Sign in to check out Check out as a guest. Adding to your cart. The item you've selected wasn't added to your cart. Add to cart. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. 100% buyer satisfaction. 30 sold Swann Morton® Knife Blades. High-carbon steel surgical blades (non-sterilized) for precise mold cutting. Last much longer and are sharper than stainless steel blades. Blades fit either Plastic or Stainless Steel Knife Handles. Available in #11 Straight, #12 Curved, and #10A Wide-Angle Straight styles. Sold in packages of 5 blades or in. Plastic Modeling Tool Set: Sprue Cutter, #1 Knife, 5 #11 Blades, 5.5x4 Cutting Mat, Flat File Vallejo Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $100 (Lower 48 Only) MegaHobby.com is the USA's largest online hobby shop The original ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT) offers more than 30 sprue nippers and approximately 70 different cutting inserts, so called nipper blades for almost unlimited applications. The nippers are in different versions available: automatically or manually operating, single or double acting, force amplified, round, square or regular

Re: Roden Spad XIII sprue images. My Spad has just arrived. fine detail on wheels, exhausts, Vickers guns, enhanced HS engine blocks (the other engine parts are on the old sprue known from Spad7), fittings on wings surfaces, not bad vent louvres, colourful sheet with colour schemes The extra plastic sticking out of a piece from where it was cut from the sprue is called a nub. The hobby knife is used to carefully cut of the nub to smoothen the surface of the piece. Neatly place stickers onto the instructed piece with tweezers or your hobby knife. After placing it, use a cotton swap to push the sticker into the plastic The cutters will help you remove parts from the sprue cleanly, while the knife will provide you the medium to clean up the parts. This can include removing flash (the small line of plastic that sometimes appears at the point where the two sides of steel molding met), shaving down a part to make it fit better, or removing any piece. Item# 136862. Trim Knife, Flash Trimmer, Ceramic Blade, Long Version, Disposable Style, With Non-Removable Blade, Catalog Page 367. $26.21 ea. Item# 137579. Trim Knife With Plastic Handle for Flash Trimming With 15-A Blade. Catalog Page 365. $3.20 ea. Item# 136863

To cut parts from a sprue, support the tree on a block of wood and cut off a piece of sprue, leaving a small stump on the component. Pare this away once it has been separated. cut it away with a sharp knife, working as close to the edge as possible. Smooth the edge with a needle file or abrasive paper. 5) How to bend plastic; Keen to. Thinner ones can be cut with a hobby knife blade, while the thicker ones may require a hobby saw or cutting pliers. Be careful not to cut into the actual part! For the best results, never cut the sprue flush with the part on the first cut! It might sound strange, but a sprue nub is much easier to cut cleanly than a longer one If you want to use something from the Druid you're going to have to get out your knife and putty. 2021/08/01 17:25:05 Subject: Re:Wiz Kids to launch D&D sprue models and paint

Here's my usual plaque pattern, sprue in the corner with a full knife gate. If you need a vent, put it in the far corner. Last edited: Jun 12, 2021. FishbonzWV, Jun 12, 2021 #2. Tobho Mott Gold Banner Member The old knife in question is an OLD Kissing Crane Canoe. Closed length: 3 inches Stamped: Robi Klass Solengen : 2928XV Its in really good shape with strong springs. I bought this thing about 1990 at a flea mrkt when I lived near Geotwn, Ky for 8 bucks. It being an old knife in good shape I never did want to carry it Hardening is a way of making the knife steel harder. By first heating the knife steel to between 1050 and 1090°C (1922 and 1994°F) and then quickly cooling (quenching) it, the knife steel will become much harder, but also more brittle. Need to know more? To reduce the brittleness, the material is tempered, usually by heating it to 175-350.

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  1. Using a utility knife or small coping saw, cut away at the top of the key mold to create a sprue channel for the metal to flow down into the key. I added mouseovers on the first picture to illustrate where these are located. It helps during the metal pour if you make the top of the sprue wider, like a funnel
  2. A swivel knife is good for cutting intricate patterns using frisket paper or similar thin material. As the name suggests the blade can swivel so it works well using drafting curves as a guide. Directly above that is the tweezer type sprue cutter. The large pair of scissors is excellent for cutting large pieces of covering or large sheets of.
  3. Place the part into a heat-resistant cementing material using sprue channels. Pencil in the outline on the bricks and then use the router with a 1/4 bit (or just using a knife), cut out a groove following those lines to a depth of 1/4. Take the string that you used and lie them end on end. Stretch the heating coil so that it is about an.
  4. Simply take your Formula P3 Hobby Knife and poke through the webbing nearest the sprue. Then carefully trace along the exterior of the model to remove this patch of resin. To remove the sprue from the wings, start by clipping the smaller sections of resin attached to the spikes and the sprue

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Traxxas 3437 - Precision Hobby Knife. A quality hobby knife is an essential tool for any RC hobbyist's workbench. The new Traxxas Precision Hobby Knife is built as tough as our models for years of use, featuring a high quality aluminum handle and carbon steel blades If you got a good coat of petroleum jelly on the sprue plate this shouldn't present a problem. I usually tap the sprue plate with a small mallet a couple of times. Quite often, this is sufficient to cause the plaster to fall away cleanly. If not, I use a box knife to gently separate the insulator from the sprue plate

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You can pick up the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprue along with the rest of the Maelstrom's Edge model range from the webstore here. As always, feel free to pop along and share your work, or ask any Maelstrom's Edge- or hobby-related questions on the Comm Guild Facebook page! For other Maelstrom's Edge modeling articles, including tutorials and walkthroughs of a wide range of different building. Hobby knife Sprue cutters. DUE TO SMALL PARTS THAT MAY BE SWALLOWED KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AGE 3 AND YOUNGER. Additional Information . More Information; Manufacturer : Fascinations: MPN: MMS185: UPC: 032309011852: Reviews . Write Your Own Review. You're. Accurail, well-known for its line of HO scale freight car kits, has added a new model to its product range, the American Car & Foundry (ACF) 2,970-cubicfoot capacity two-bay Center Flow covered hopper. The injection-molded plastic car features a mix of molded and separately applied parts, two-piece pneumatic-gravity discharge gates, and Accumate couplers Original Handmade in Germany. Fast, safe & worldwide delivery

Sprue Cutter - Blue from Excel Blades - 55594 The Sprue Cutter is an essential and comfortable to use on endless hobby-related tasks and projects. Features: Excel Blades Side Cutter Available in blue and black Made of stainless steel Soft cushion grip handles designed for ultimate comfort and a secure grip Spring-loaded technology helps reduce hand cramping and fatigue Throwaway Knife Work Finisher Ceramic Blade Part Number Description Part Number Description TSK 145mm Long Disposable Part No Description Specifications Part No Description Specifications Part No.

Parts may be removed from the sprue simply with a modeling knife if no other tools are available. When I began modeling, this was my method, and on the whole there's no real problem with it as long as you're using a good knife. One must be exceptionally careful, however, when cutting pieces from the sprue, not to damage the parts LAGIOULE KNIFE - This is an inexpensive copy of a traditional knife from the south of France. Although this specific knife cannot be documented to the 18th century, the blade style can be found in many archeological digs with French provenances. The bolsters are brass and the scales (handles) are dark horn Vented Sprue Plate. Compatible with both nose and base pour moulds. This sprue plate is designed to let air escape while pouring lead from a ladle. This should enable you to cast better bullets. These vented sprue plates are included on all nose pour moulds. $15.00 (S+H included Hot Sprue Hot Runner Mainframe & Modules TSP & TSP PWS Cable & Accessories Valve Gate Control. Gate Cutters & Trimmers Cooling Products Mold Care / Purge Heaters & Controls Equipment Tool Supplies. Replacement Inserts Heavy-Duty Inserts Sprue Spreaders Constant Area Sprue Spreaders Runner Spreaders Die Clamp

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  1. #2175ET Professional Sprue Cutter $24.50. add to cart. Specifically designed for scale modelers! Low profile and long cutting jaws easily reach into tight and confined spaces. Blade by-pass cutting action leaves smooth, clean cuts without pinching or damaging delicate parts. Recommended for work on plastics only
  2. A wide variety of modeling tools are available from sandpaper and pliers to masking tape. Modeling Tools (English Only): 50622C - 1/2 wide x 20 ft. long masking tape ; 50625C - 5- 1/2 oz. glass mixing bottles with lids and 3 pipettes; 50627C - Hobby Knife with protective cap; 50628C - Micro Shear Sprue Cutter 50629C - Pin Vise with Drill Bits 50630C - Set of Needle Files (3
  3. (5) Use a knife or blade to excavate the sand around the part/s just until you can safely lift the part from the sand without disturbing the remaining sand. This will be your parting line. (6) Add a sprue or the hole through which your molten metal will be poured. I am using a pipe to mold the sprue
  4. Case Knife. Price: $4.25. Details. This universally popular shape gives the watchmaker the small handle necessary to obtain the proper grip when trying to pry open snap-on case backs. Hardwood handle and a precisely beveled, tempered steel blade make case opening easier. Measures 4-1/2 overall length
  5. Nose Pour. We are currently delivering in less than 4 weeks from the time we receive your payment. We make top punches to fit our bullets for Lyman, Saeco, and RCBS lubersizers for an extra $15.00 including S+H. We also offer vented sprue plates for $15.00 including S+H. The vented sprue plates are standard on nose pour moulds
  6. Xacto Knife - This is going to help clean up your parts from excess plastic and also for cutting and scrapping. 3. Sprue Cutters/Side Cutters (or nail clippers) - Sprue cutters are worth every penny. I use Xuron sprue cutters and they are made for cutting plastic model sprues. They use a shearing action and will stay useful for many years.
  7. imal sprue residue. t Safer to use than a hobby knife, no costly mistakes from a slip of the . knife. Recommended for use on soft plastic only. Made in USA. BLUE 77C 17M 0Y 24

The antenna pieces are extremely fragile due to their thin detail, so be extra careful when transporting the model if you use this optional part, and be very cautious when clipping the antenna off the sprue. We do not recommend the use of a knife when taking it off the sprue as it will stress the piece too much When used with a Karist Trooper Sprue and it adds new options for: - Karist Shadow Walkers - Epirian Contractors - Karist Trooper Assault Squads - Karist Troopers The faction expansion sprue contains the following components (in no particular order): 1x small knife (faction independent but generally more appropriate for Karists) 1x EMP grenade. Plastic glue. Hobby sand. Green stuff. butter knife. Let's begin! Take some spare sprue and cut some small pieces off to use as the 'legs' of the walkway and glue them to the base. Next mix up some green stuff and use it to make the some land for the walkway to connect to. Cut some thin strips of plasticard and glue them to the 'legs. Kitlinx - Your link between Models, Accessories, and History. Headquarters: 8385 Allen St. Suite 105 Sandy, UT 84070 Email: support@kitlinx.co

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If you have cut things correctly, it should take minimal effort to remove the two row counter set from the paper sprue. In most cases it will either fall right out or take a well-placed corner poke or three with your hobby knife. Now you should have the set ready to separate with your hobby knife Knife Mill Type PS-S Method of Operation Sprues and runners are fed into the cutting chamber with a large diameter auger. Even bulky material will be accepted thru the large feed opening. granulation takes place between the knives of [ Ustar UA90600 - USTAR Sprue Cutter. Home / UA90600 - USTAR Sprue Cutter. $13.99. Add to cart. Information. Reviews (0 I attached the top of the sprue to the base of the ring, and the bottom of the sprue to the cup, and then poured the silicone. After cutting the mold open and casting with it a couple times, it was clear that I needed air vents, so I just cut those channels with an X-ACTO knife. Hope that helps

Top Entry Robots and Sprue Pickers Tria has specialized in the design and manufacturing of rotary knife granulators and grinding systems for over 57 years. Our main objective is the design and manufacturing of granulators, systems and solutions which meet the high efficiency and safety requirements that are industry specific.. Wrecker's helmet features the iconic fanged skull design and the unit number 99 on the brow. A large knife is also sheathed on his right leg! The finer details and textures from the series such as the backpack are fully recreated based on the 1/7 scale. An interchangeable head part without the helmet is also included Providing reliable Jewelry making tools and Supplies to Professional Jewelers and Craftsman since 1968. A wide range of available tools used worldwide representing the best of all brands

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modeling knife or photo etch sprue cutter, being careful not to damage or lose small parts. • Take extra care in handling photo etch parts in order to avoid injury • Apply instant cement sparingly to photo etch parts where instructed • Tools recommended(not Included in kit):Plastic and instant cements, sprue cutters,long nose pliers. Hot Knife 378-380 Hot Melt Thermocouples 845-848 Hot Mill Gloves 304-307 Hot Runner Cables 875, 888-893, 941-996 Hot Runner Controls 865-996 Hot Sleeves, Protective 316, 317 Hot Sprue Cleaner 372 Hydraulic Couplers 684-686 Hydraulic Oil Analysis Kit 284 Hydraulic Oil Filters 282, 283 Hydrometer, Glycol, Water 27 For most others, you'll need to cut the pieces free from their plastic sprue. For that, you'll need a hobby knife, a cutting mat, nippers, and some glue. 105 Piece Precision Hobby Knife Kit SPRUE D x2: This sprue has the mast and yardarm parts and features some really thin molding. These parts are delicate so use a sharp knife to remove them, but they are nice enough that you will not have to replace them with aftermarket parts. A crows nest and even little weather vanes and antenna are included

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The ARX-80 HotCutter is a general purpose hot knife cutter used for hot cutting and sealing woven and knitted synthetic materials to prevent fraying. Cuts webbing, braid, elastics, strapping, cord, ribbon, hook. XENIA, OHIO (July 2007) - SAS Automation introduces a new gate trimmer for plastics parts called: Guillotine Gate Trimmer. This tool is designed with a razor sharp blade positioned at a 45 degree angle to precisely shear a sprue gate in hard to reach narrow places. The equipment was designed to hold the blade on a special cylinder to precisely.

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Medium-Duty Knife w/ Safety Cap and Assorted Blades. $8.59 View Buy. Sprue Cutter (Black) $14.29 View Buy. Maxi-Cure Thick CA -- 1/2 Ounce. $3.99 View Buy. MicroBrush MHS10 White: Superfine Applicator. $3.99 View Buy. SET PAINTS MILITARY FLATS. out of stock. $18.2 2.When needed, remove photo-etch parts carefully using a modeling knife or photo etch sprue cutter, be careful not to dama e or lose small arts 3. Take extra care in handlin photo etch parts in order to avoid injury 4.Ap I instant cement sparin I to photo etch parts were instructed 5

[PTK1009]• Plastic sprue cutter• Mini flat file• Self healing cutting mat• Craft knife• 5 spare blades. $20.59 . Add to cart More. In Stock . Add to Compare. Quick view. 12 Pce Boat Building & craft Tool Se Arsenal Molds is a machine shop making bullet molds for the past six years. While wandering around their website, a .32 caliber 98-grain Keith style slug caught my eye. Being a fan of multi-cavity bullet breeders, I ordered Arsenal's aluminum 5-cavity mold. I was in luck, as they had one in stock After the manufacturer vulcanizes these rubber molds to harden them and enhance durability, typically a skilled mold-maker uses a sharp knife or scalpel to create a sprue, and an associated network of channels and gates Yuri's Wolves - Army Deal (TSUAB3) Contains five plastic T-64 Tanks, two plastic BMP transports, one plastic tank commander sprue, one decal sheet, six unit cards, one mini Team Yankee rule book and one printed Assembly Guide booklet.. The war Yuri had been training his men for had arrived, and though he had little doubt of the savage fighting to come, he was supremely confident in his men and.

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Craft knife. Wax mold. Metal flask with rubber sprue base. Investment (white powder) Kiln. Centrifugal jewelry casting machine. Sterling Silver. Crucible. Welding torch. Boric acid. Casting grain. Graphite stick. Bucket of water. Metal tongs. Small brush or old tooth brus It's about the size of my palm for more control, I apply slow but steady pressure at the sprue until the blade melts through the plastic. This leaves very little flash if any. I use the same utility knife to shave of very thin layers of any remaining flash until I get it to just the right size/thickness. Not for kids. Have bandaids ready The essential oil of lemongrass is used as a fragrance for products including cosmetics, soap, and deodorant. It can also be used in making vitamin A supplements. The citral compound found in lemongrass can act as a natural insect repellant along with its botanical cousin, citronella. 1

Grace Ledbetter, Professor of Classics and Philosophy, Chair of Classics, Director of the Honors Program, has an A. B. from Bryn Mawr College, an MA in philosophy from The University of Virginia, and a Ph. D. in Classics from Cornell University For ages 14 and up. Contents: Hobby drop cloth. Hobby knife. 3 brushes. 5 glue tips. 5 sanding films. Create plastic models, cars and more with this Testors® Model Building Supplies Kit. With a hobby knife, sanding films, brushes and more, this kit is perfect for starting your model building tools collection

Egg Plane A-6 Intruder Plastic Model Airplane Kit #60130Revell 07076 VW T1 Transporter KastenwagenAmusing Hobby - 1/35 WWII German Surface-to-Air MissileRevell 04983 Bell UH-1H Gunship