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Check Out Pro Card on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Pro Card now IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE®, IFBB PRO LEAGUE®, IFBB PRO® and the IFBB Professional League logo are registered trademarks owned by the IFBB Professional League. The IFBB Professional League logo cannot be altered in any way, shape or form without the expressed written approval of the IFBB Professional League Ali Raza - IFBB Pro - Men's Physique. Embrace the Positives. Attempting to get an IFBB Pro Card will present a journey-and-a-half, and at times may feel like you're walking a tight-rope in the dark. But don't let that put you off. The experience you'll gain from pursuing this will be thoroughly rewarding and massive for your bodybuilding. CONGRATULATIONS on winning your IFBB Pro League card at one of the spectacular NPC national level events! Here is the information you need to know to get your card: The IFBB Professional League Pro card runs from January 1 to December 31. The cost is $250 at any time for any first-time IFBB Professional League member IFBB Elite Pro Card - IFBB Elite Athlete. The IFBB International is always inventing new ways to improve the sport for the athlete. Earlier this year, before the split with the IFBB Professional League, the IFBB was already hard at work with their Elite Ranking system

The IFBB PRO CARD is the biggest fraud in sports. It entitles you to no $$$ unless you call spending 30k on drugs to a win 3k purse good money. No bennies. No. Days after making her bodybuilding debut, powerlifter Hunter Henderson won her IFBB Pro Card at the 2021 NPC USA Championship. by Tom Miller. August 3, 2021. Photos via Instagram @huntermhenderson @w_wittmannphoto. Hunter Henderson is about as dominant as they come, in the world of powerlifting. However she will now be looking to dominate the. An IFBB pro card is not as rare as it was just 5 years ago. 10 years ago few were turning pro, now hundreds each year turn pro. When you make your pro debut, few will have any clue who you are. Very few remember who won class b at so and so National show All contestants must be registered as athletes with the computer service of the IFBB Professional League. For an IFBB Professional League PRO card application, contact the IFBB Professional League at PO Box 3711 Pittsburgh, PA 15230 or 412-276-5027 or npcfirst@aol.com

Depending on your division and the national show either the division winner or top 2 placers earn that IFBB Pro card and advance to the Pro level. Breaking down the steps of qualification, it almost doesn't seem unrealistic or even difficult for anyone to become a pro competitor, but this is just one part of the process Getting That Pro Card. In order to become an IFBB Pro, a bodybuilder must earn an IFBB Pro card. In order to get the card, a bodybuilder has to win a regional contest weight class. This will earn them an invite into a national championship. Depending on the federation, if you win overall champion at the contest you will earn an IFBB Pro card 2021 IFBB Phoenix Europa Official Men's Physique Score Cards August 6, 2021; 2021 IFBB Tampa Pro Official Day One Score Cards August 6, 2021; 2021 IFBB Tampa Pro Day One Prejudging Photos August 6, 2021; Around The NPC: 2021 14th Annual IFBB Professional League Tampa Pro Check-In Photos August 5, 202 Ifbb pro bodybuilders steroid cycle, ifbb pro card steroids He went a step ahead and advised against their use. In a Youtube video, Rich Piana stated that he started taking steroids at the age of 18 and he took them for 27 long years. He also clearly mentioned that it was his clear choice to go this way. He is known to have collapsed at his. The IFBB Pro Card status means that the athlete has attained top level recognition in the sport. It takes about ten to fifteen years of dedication to reach the status and few make it to the ultimate top. Most bodybuilders, however, keep focused on this prestigious status because of the recognition associated with such

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2021 IFBB Puerto Vallarta Pro Official Score Cards. 2021 IFBB Janet Layug's Battle of the Bodies Pro Official Score Cards. 2021 NPC Teen, Collegiate, Masters National Championships Women's Bodybuilding, Women's Physique, and Figure Overall Champions Interviews. NO COMMENTS Professional bodybuilding or pro bodybuilding can refer to bodybuilding for an income and/or possessing qualifications such as an IFBB or Wabba International Pro Card. . A professional bodybuilder may be one who earns his or her primary income from bodybuilding. It is possible, though difficult except at the highest level, to earn a reasonable income purely from competition winnings

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2021 IFBB Tampa Pro Day Two Prejudging Photos August 7, 2021 2021 14th Annual IFBB Professional League Tampa Pro Friday Overall Winners Interviews August 7, 2021 2021 IFBB Phoenix Europa Official Men's Physique Score Cards August 6, 202 The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) is the governing body of the sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness, founded in 1946 in Montreal. It is a not-for-profit international amateur sport governing body, located in Madrid, Spain, with an Executive Council democratically elected at the IFBB World Congress From Crossfit to IFBB. When people ask me how long I've been competing, they are usually shocked to hear I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro but only in my second year of competing in bodybuilding. I won my pro card at my second (!) show, which feels like super-hyper-lightspeed-overdrive compared to most bikini pros. I also competed outside of the US to. The National Physique Committee is the premier amateur physique organization in the world containing athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and physique. You can join the NPC by purchasing your card online----> registration or purchasing at a show for $100. To become pro status you first must compete and place in an NPC competition. IFBB stands for the International Federation of. At each Elite Pro Qualifiers: IFBB Elite Pro Cards will be available to athletes as stated on the Inspection Report. Top 10 athletes in the IFBB Elite Amateur World Ranking finals. Option for a Wildcard for National Federations. Athletes who got the professional status before September 2017 they may join directly to IFBB Elite Pro

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IG: @JamieLeRoyceSnapChat: MctizicJamieLeRoyce@Gmail.co 2021 Joe Weider's Olympia. News IFBB Pro League Staff -. February 23, 2021. 0. 2021 Olympia set for Orlando, Florida, October 7-10. Read more The 2021 IFBB Tampa Pro took place August 6th-7th, at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Tampa, Florida. This is the results and prize money of Day Two of this massive bodybuilding contest. This year's Tampa Pro kicked off on Friday, with just over half of the athletes competed for a chance to get an invitation to the 2021 Olympia IFBB PRO™ CARD WINNERS 2019 SAN MARINO PRO QUALIFIER Padova, Italy December 15, 2019 Bodybuilding News Sourc Totally, six (6) IFBB Elite Pro Cards will be given to the overall winners in Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness, Wellness Fitness, Men's Physique, Classic Physique and Classic Bodybuilding. REGISTRATION The official arrival day is Friday, September 3rd, 2021. The registration will be held at the Turku Fair Centre congress rooms (location of the.

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  1. For 8 weeks now, the Hunt for a Pro Card series has followed three guys as they chase the dream to become an IFBB Pro. Now the realization of that dream is only days away. This Friday night, Pete Ciccone, Tamer El Guindy, and Juan Morel will take the stage at the 2011 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas on July 29-30. On Saturday, the.
  2. There is few more videos to watch My popular videos-----My Latest video on IFBB PRO DWAYNE Walker aka Big General https://youtu.be/hBhrRZ8iVgM?..
  3. Olympia weekend is proud to announce the 2021 Amateur Olympia in India. This is the 4 th edition of the Amateur Olympia series to be held in India. It will be open to all the athletes, from India & other Asian countries. The event is scheduled to take place at BEC (Bombay Exhibition Centre) on 3 rd - 4 th & 5 th of December 2021
  4. ☆ 27 IFBB PRO League professional cards enabling participation in the most prestigious competitions around the world. ☆ Prestigious championship titles of the NPC Worldwide federation and the IFBB Professional League. ☆ Qualification for your country's national team for the NPC Worldwide International Championschip in the USA
  5. I've earned a pro card naturally in the IFBB using Beverly International products. As a prep coach, I have helped athletes win several shows as well. My goal is to inspire other athletes who want to achieve their ultimate level of fitness without compromising their health
  6. Four years after signing on with him (also my last and still my present coach), I finally claimed my IFBB Pro Card! Like I said, a lot of things changed over the years but one thing has stayed the same. Four coaches and two pro cards later, the core of my supplement program has always been Beverly International. Consistent and faithful

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Winner will qualify to purchase IFBB Pro® ifbb professional league cards immediately and qualify to at. Winners will qualify to compete at the Mr. BIG EVOLUTION Pro PORTUGAL MR! League WOS Chicago 2021 at Grand Hyatt Atlanta, GA - 23-24 July 2021 Classic USA 2020 Olympia 2020.. The 2021 IFBB Tampa Pro goes from August 6th-7th, at the Grand Hyatt hotel, in Tampa, Florida. This is the complete results of the first day of competition for this massive Olympia qualifier. The Tampa Pro has long been one of the biggest Olympia qualification shows of the year, and this version is no different

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Once you obtain a pro card, you are only a pro in that federation (such as IFBB or IFPA) and can compete in shows that accept the federation you are a pro in. Professional bodybuilding athletes are awarded cash for winning and may be offered sponsorship by companies to endorse their products. Professional and Amateur Federations. Below is a. The Pittsburgh Pro 2021 brings in the first Olympia qualifying event of the season. The Pittsburgh Pro is one of the biggest events of the year - largely due to being the home location of NPC and IFBB Pro president Jim Manion. Unfortunately, the hype behind this year's show was a bit muted due to the ongoing pandemic across the world Note 1: If an Athlete qualifies for an IFBB Professional League IFBB PRO™ Card at a Pro Qualifier and, before applying for the card, competes in another Pro Qualifier or competes in a contest that is not sanctioned by NPC WORLDWIDE, the Athlete automatically and without notice forfeits the right to apply for the card It's Official, the 2021 IFBB Pro League Daytona Pro will be held October 2nd 2021. The show will offer the following divisions: Oylmpia Qualifier Open Men's Physique Pro Masters Championships Over 35,45 & 55 Men's BB, Classic & Physique Bikini, Figure & WPD $$$ Prize Money $$$ for Each Division Daytona Pro Online Registration Host Read More.

Matt Meinrod: You're already a NABBA Pro Bodybuilder. Why are you taking the next step and looking to gain IFBB Pro status? Talk about your long term and short-term goals as a competitor. And what's the game plan for the rest of 2018 and early '19? Jordan Peters: Originally NABBA suited me very well as it was height classed and at my height I could do very well comparatively. Being 5. After much thought and discussion I have decided to return to competition. I will be working with Justin Harris @troponin_nutrition and my goal will be to obtain my IFBB pro card. This was the goal I was pursuing when I was outted in 2015 and it subsequently took a back seat to everything else that was going on in my life Sad really. 1. level 1. CptLars. 4 years ago. There are currently two IFBB pro's at my gym here in Norway and both had to win a World Championship in order to qualify for their card. 1. level 2. Wasabi87 2021 IFBB Wasatch Warrior Pro Official Pro Physique Score Card. #1 - Corey Morris. #2 - Erin Banks. #3 - George Brown. #4 - Rodrique Chesnier. #5 - Ashley Lamont Patillo. #6 - Ahmed Abdilgail. 2021 IFBB Wasatch Warrior Pro Official Pro Figure Score Card. 2021 IFBB Wasatch Warrior Pro Bikini Score Card I have confirmed that, indeed, Shawn Rhoden has had his IFBB Pro Card revoked. The case stems from his legal matter and the IFBB has said he cannot compete in any IFBB sanctioned show until his legal matter runs its course and a verdict is made. I'm sure there are many thoughts, opinions, and assumptions that will be made as to what this.

IFBB; Featured Contests. 2021 IFBB Tampa Pro; 2021 NPC USA Championships; NPC Teen Collegiate Masters Nationals; NPC/IFBB Republic of Texas; 2021 NPC Universe Championships; 2021 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro; 2021 NPC Junior Nationals; 2021 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro; 2020 Olympia Weekend; 2020 Arnold Classic; NPC/IFBB Scorecards; Canadian Physique Alliance. Welcome to IFBB Elite Pro. A new era for the worldwide professional bodybuilding and fitness athletes, in a complete new pro concept, with upgraded and improved structure and offering more opportunities to the IFBB Amateur athletes wishing to become IFBB Elite Professionals. A real worldwide Pro organization, to be joined by athletes from all.

At each Elite Pro Qualifiers: IFBB Elite Pro Cards will be available to athletes as stated on the Inspection Report. Top 10 athletes in the IFBB Elite Amateur World Ranking finals. Option for a Wildcard for National Federations. Athletes who got the professional status before September 2017 they may join directly to IFBB Elite Pro IFBB Elite Pro Card terms. I, the undersigned athlete, agree to be bound by the following terms as a condition precedent for IFBB Elite Pro issuing and maintaining my IFBB Elite Pro Card for the year 2021: I will always stay loyal to IFBB Elite Pro. I declare to know, understand and accept the IFBB Elite Pro Rules, and I undertake to respect. The IFBB has split from the IFFB pro league, meaning that IFBB sanctioned national federations (like the UKBFF) now have no way to grant an IFBB pro card to their athletes. This is a huge kick in the teeth for these federations whom are now awarding IFF elite pro cards, which is in effect, a breakaway pro league, which athletes can choose. This is the 3rd time that we organize IFBB Pro Qualifier competition at the Fitparade. In the first 2 year 7 overall champions could win the pro card in each categories. This year we set the bar even higher and 9 IFBB Pro cards will be given to the best of the categories. In order to compete at the IFBB Pro Qualifier, competitors need to have If I place high enough, I can win an IFBB pro card. After five competitions, I secured sponsorships with Quest Nutrition and Complete Nutrition. With the help of these companies, I can tell my story to a wider audience. My ultimate goal is to turn pro and help others become healthy and fit

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Following his win, he placed well up until 1996 when he won his IFBB Pro Card at the NPC USA Championships. But something happened in 1995 that put Craig Titus on law enforcement radar. April 1995, Craig was arrested and plead guilty to possession with intent to distribute ecstasy Rhoden's IFBB Pro Card has now officially been revoked by the IFBB Professional League. This means that Shawn will not be able to compete at any professional bodybuilding competition under the IFBB Professional League, until he has settled his legal issues

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The ability to compete and obtain an IFBB Pro Card at CPA National Pro Qualifiers, the North American Championships, the Arnold Amateur Classic or the Amateur Olympia starts here at the Canadian Physique Alliance. Once our athletes achieve their IFBB Pro status they can compete at the Toronto Pro SuperShow, the Vancouver Pro Show, the Arnold. The Chicago Pro-Am is both a 2021 Olympia qualifier for IFBB professional athletes, and a National Qualifier for NPC amateur athletes. The Wings of Strength Ms International competition is a Pro Qualifier, where a coveted IFBB Pro League Card will be awarded

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  1. The IFBB Pro League will award NINE IFBB PRO CARDS creating a new opportunity to become and IFBB Professional and begin your journey to compete at the Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic. IFBB Pro cards are awarded in Men's Bodybuilding, Bikini, Classic Physique, Men's Physique, Figure, Fitness and new this year, Wellness and Women's.
  2. IFBB European Cup 2021 September 11th-13th,2021 Sibiu, Romania IFBB Elite Pro Cards will be awarded IFBB Ranking Qualifier event! . Categories . Men's Bodybuilding Men´s Classic Bodybuilding Men's Classic Physique Men's Games Classic Bodybuilding Men's Physique Muscular Men´s Physique Men´s Fitness Men.
  3. 1 Pro Cards - Women´s Fitness Second Edition The IFBB PRO ITALY and the IFBB PRO SPAIN along with NPC WORLDWIDE and the I FBB Professional League are proud to announce one of the most important events of 2021 in Europe
  4. The Item: Contest Results, New IFBB Pro League Cards, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup The Scoop: Just Announced: Over the weekend, new IFBB Pro Quincy Winklaar won the 2011 Juliette Bergmann Classic at the NBBF-IFBB Dutch Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championships in the Netherlands (Nederlands). With this victory, the 28-year-old air patrolman earned an IFBB Pro card and qualification to.
  5. WELCOME TO IFBBPRO PORTUGAL ONLINE REGISTRATION! Here you can register at all IFBBPRO PORTUGAL competitions in 2021: 23.may NACIONAL IFBBPRO PORTUGAL (regional qualifier) 30.may MR BIG EVOLUTION PRO QUALIFIER (pro qualifier-9 pro cards) 16/17.jul OLYMPIA AMATEUR PORTUGAL (pro qualifier - 27 pro cards) 18 jul Mr. Big Evolution PRO 2021
  6. The CBBF is Canada's only IFBB recognized governing body for amateur bodybuilding, fitness and body fitness (figure) competition. This is the only Canadian organization that qualifies competitors for competition at the three annual IFBB World Championships, and the only one that awards competitors an IFBB Elite Pro Card. Participating in CBBF events means you are able to compete with the.
  7. g he has the incredible genetics to pick up various kind of.

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  1. 2nd Ben Weider Diamond Cup in China and I earned my IFBB PRO Card. 2015 was pro debut at the IFBB New York PRO Show. I took 2nd in New York and 1st place at the Bodypower PRO Show in England. I qualified to compete at the Mr. Olympia at my second pro competition. Mr. Olympia is Bodybuilder`s Dream
  2. The National Physique Committee is the premier amateur physique organization in the world. Since 1982, the top athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and physique have started their careers in the NPC. Many of those athletes graduated to successful careers in the IFBB Professional League, a list that includes 24 Olympia and 38 Arnold Classic winners
  3. Linda Stephens IFBB Pro. 1,952 likes · 7 talking about this. Linda Stephens Fitness allows me to live my vision of being a health and fitness authority. It's a way for me to help people achieve their..
  4. Its a very proud moment for all Indians, as Junaid Kaliwala has won IFBB Pro Card in Men's Physique category. He is the first Indian to win IFBB Pro card in this category. Lots of people were expecting a pro card for an Indian athlete at the recently held IFBB Amateur Olympia 2017 in Mumbai
  5. IFBB PRO figure KAYO. パーソナルトレーナー. メディセル、ファスティング指導. お問合せはDMまたはHPから. 2019年 IFBB OLYMPIA AMATEUR JAPAN Figure Over All Champion. IFBB PRO CARD取得. @alpron_official. genkigenki2880 yamamotokayoko.com
  6. Welcome to the official website for NPC Texas. The National Physique Committee is the largest amateur physique organization in the world. The NPC, NPC Worldwide and the IFBB Professional League are the only way to the Olympia stage. Since 1982, the top athletes in Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Wellness, Bikini and Physique have started their.

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  1. The Sheru Classic IFBB Pro Qualifier 2018 was held in Ludhiana, Punjab. As promised, 5 pro cards were awarded during this competition. It was a great event for India as we got 2 Pro cards. Both these pro cards are won in Women's Category. Iran won all the 3 IFBB pro cards in Mens Category. Rita Singh of India won IFBB pro card in women figure.
  2. IFBB Pro Laurie Larson. 7,639 likes · 31 talking about this. Athlet
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  4. August 13, 2018. Jordan Peters Talks IFBB Pro Card, Breathing Heavy, Supplements, and Mental Toughness
  5. I mean, lets keep it real when I turned Pro, it was $350.00 for my IFBB Pro Card. When I was a member of the NPC, it was $60.00 to $75.00 for my NPC Card. Now you have a Bikini Division, Men's and Women's Physique Division and rumors of a Men's Physique at Mr. Olympiayou do the math
  6. If you are great at marketing, a good ambassador and a fan favourite the IFBB pro card would most likely be icing on the cake for making money. If you an IFBB pro and have the personality of a sloth, not approachable and not a top tier, gay for pay will fund them lol. #4. Sciatic, Reacher, rick89 and 2 others like this

the ifbb pro qualifier Amateur athletes from across the world will hit the stage in Vancouver, British Columbia in the hopes of becoming an IFBB Professional League athlete. IFBB Professional cards will be awarded to every overall division winner (Men's & Women's Bodybuilding, Men's & Women's Physique, Men's Classic Physique, Fitness, Figure. Sergi Constance won his IFBB Pro Card as a result of winning the Physique event at the Chicago Pro this weekend. I first met Sergi a few years back when he had one of the booths at the Olympia Meet and Greet and it was immediately evident that he would be making a name for himself as a pro within the IFBB Pro Cards The Arnold Amateur serves as an official pro qualifier for the IFBB Pro League. Overall winners in Men's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Women's Physique, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Wellness receive professional status to compete in the IFBB Pro League. The top two overall in Men's Physique and Bikini will receive pro status Each competition has different qualifications to award IFBB Pro Cards. Step 3: Compete at the IFBB Pro level. These shows are for professionals only. They compete against the best in the world, including those who attend the most prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world - the Olympia. Step 4: The top five competitors in the IFBB Pro. RICHARD SIEGELMAN. IFBB Pro League Contest Promoter. (410) 241 - 5841. kutzpromo@gmail.com


  1. NPCNEWSONLINE.com has a full contest gallery of the 2019 NPC jr.USA. Here are the new IFBB Professional League Bikini Pro Card Winners. Click their names to view their contest gallery. If you would like to compete at the 2020 NPC Jr.USA CLICK HERE. GO TO OUR YOU TUBE PAGE TO SEE VIDEOS OF THE CONTEST. BIKIN
  2. At the time, I was just looking for something else to compete in and set goals for! I earned my IFBB Pro Card by winning the Figure Overall at the 2008 NPC Nationals, my third figure competition. I'm also a USATF competitor, having jumped 5'11 and just missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials
  3. Welcome! Log into your account. your username. your passwor
  4. IFBB PRO CARD. Finally my biggest dream came true, I became an IFBB PRO athlete! Wow! I'm so happy and proud that I'll have a chance to stand next to the best female bodybuilders on the world! Have a great holidays and happy celebration of 2010

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Pro Cards The 2021 Arnold Amateur will serve as an official pro qualifier for the IFBB Pro League. Overall winners in Men's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Women's Physique, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Wellness will receive professional status to compete in the IFBB Pro League IFBB FITNESS MANIA CLASSIC V & IFBB ELITE PRO WORLD MASTER CHAMPIONSHIPS. October 8 - October 10. Kladno, Czech Republic. INSPECTION REPORT SCHEDULE TANNING FINAL ENTRY FORM POSTER. Find out more » 2021 Bikini Pro & Mens Physique Pro. We are so pleased to announce that we will present Pro Bikini and for the first time, Pro Men's Physique at Fitfest! Both Pro shows will be on the main stage at Fitfest. The winners of the pro qualifiers will go straight in to the 2 pro events, and the Pro winners will qualify for the Olympia

Sabrina Burgess Earns IFBB Pro Card. September 5, 2019 She has had international podiums before in placing first in The Bahamas and Canada, but the pro card remained elusive I'm Coach Jill Bartlett! Wife, Mom & IFBB Pro. Fitness coach for *All levels* Competition Coach Nutrition Consultant Trainer. Living the Lifestyle since 1995. 2008 - 2010 Figure Competitor 2011+ Women's physique competitor Coaching since 2010! The earnings are influenced by location. For example, a pro bodybuilder in New York makes about $93,000 a year. Pro bodybuilders in California make an average of $83,000 annually, while in Florida, they earn about $72,000 a year. In Nebraska, pro bodybuilders make an average of $56,000 a year. For top-tier bodybuilders, the earnings are much. Went PRO In Figure & Women's Physique in SAME SHOW! Ashley Soden Interview | RX Spotlight. Ashley Stoden, who won her IFBB Pro card in Figure AND Women's Physique at the Team Universe, joins Dave Palumbo on an [.

6,772 Likes, 89 Comments - Adrianna Kaczmarek IFBB PRO (@adakaczmarekifbbpro) on Instagram: I perfectly remember that day when I won my PRO card, and today I am already during my prep for th 15k Likes, 1,082 Comments - Erin Stern (@2x_ms_olympia) on Instagram: On Saturday, I won my IFBB Pro League card again - in Bikini, at the Muscle Contest in Vietnam!!!

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2016 IFBB Tampa Pro; 2015 IFBB Omaha Pro; 2014 IFBB Pro Optimum Classic; 2014 IFBB Pro Greater Gulf; 2013 NPC Master's Nationals Pro Card Win; 2013 NPC Team Universe; 2012 NPC Masters Nationals; 2012 NPC Team Univers The IFBB PRO LEAGUE NZ has been established in New Zealand is affiliated to the IFBB PRO LEAGUE. The IFBB PRO LEAGUE NZ is an association dedicated to supporting bodybuilding, figure,fitness in New Zealand and promoting a healthy enjoyable lifestyle for all ages. The purpose of the IFBB PRO LEAGUE NZ is to provide competitions for New Zealand. In 2007, just two years after undergoing life-saving surgery, he participated in the IFBB North American Championships. Despite everything, he managed to take 16th place. By 2014, he had participated in numerous shows and specifically made 14 attempts to win the Pro Card

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