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Week 4: Cannabis Bud. By week four the plants are in full flower and they put out layer after layer of stigmas so the bud gets thicker and thicker and eventually, quite hard. Week 6: Cannabis Bud. By week six the buds start to ripen and the stigmas start turning brown anyne ever smoked overripe buds. i keep hearing/seeing people harvest early. i've been giving my neighbor advice all summer. i told her last week those purple erkel had 4 weeks left to go. told her to start flushing them now and they would be fully purple by the time they were ready. my buddy stood right there and told her as well. today.

Seed breeders times given are for perfect conditions start to finish. There are numerous strains that finish 48 to 55 days from the start of flowering but takes time to find the right phenotypes to finish under 50 days, in my experience most have been ripe 56 to 65 days While technically you can start harvesting as soon as your plant produces flowers, the cannabinoid levels remain very low until the buds are mature. Avoid premature harvesting as much as possible, but if you really need to, it isn't the end of the world. If you only harvest a few days early, the damage to potency will be minimal Harvesting marijuana can be one of the most tricky parts of the cultivation process. Harvesting at early times can make marijuana less potent while harvesting it late could make it too narcotic, and the taste will be too strong. There are numerous signs to determine whether marijuana buds are ready for harvest Autoflowering plants start flowering (making buds) after about 3-4 weeks, and are usually ready to harvest 2-3 months from germination. This is different from standard photoperiod strains, which need to receive 12-hour dark periods every day to start flowering and develop buds properly

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On a small scale, with only a couple of plants in your yard, harvesting the top buds first can allow the remainder of the plant to finish maturing. Not only does that increase the density and appeal of your buds, but adds to the final dry weight as well 263. Mar 28, 2017. #16. I think there is something to doing the two stage harvest. That said, I normally check the middle buds and chop whole plant based on that, figuring the tops are a little over and the lowers a bit under done. The two stage approach seems to make the most sense for home growers that are fully committed to each individual. Make cannabis buds harder and more dense with one simple operation. October 11, 2017 12:59 pm. A week or six ago, we asked Doc Green, to test a technique on one of his cannabis plants that would make the buds thicker, more compact and heavier. Although at first it sounded incredible, the simple intervention did really produce spectacular. I'd vote for wait til you get back but if it's big enough you could do a partial harvest now and then finish it off when you return the most ripe buds are usually the tallest so you'd get the added bonus of being able to lower your light closer to the slower buds sounds like you know what you're doing so after a decent cure you'd have the opportunity to decide whether you prefer early. A slightly early harvested plant may have very high levels of THC, but the CBD will not have fully developed yet. And since CBD is known to mitigate the effects of THC, for some people (myself included) this can result in a very heart-pounding, anxiety producing high that is neither pleasant nor effective for treating my symptoms

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  1. Explore different points in the ripening cycle to see what you prefer. go.
  2. Your Essential Guide to When Cannabis Buds Are Ready to Harvest. Begin planning for harvest when the flowers ripen, between six and eight weeks after the beginning of flowering. No Bud Should Be Picked Before Its Time. Plants and varieties differ in maturation pattern. Some mature all at once, so that the whole plant can be picked
  3. Once the outer buds are harvested, the inner branches are exposed to light and quickly ripen. It can take two weeks of choosing mature buds before the plant is totally picked. Picking the plant a little at a time ensures that every bud is at maximum potency and quality
  4. Trichomes are like snowy white hairs that embrace the marijuana buds, and their main concern is protecting the buds from any harmful elements like UV radiation. Once the cycle of the plants' life ends, the trichome grows abundantly well. When this happens, it is now the best time to harvest the marijuana plants
  5. This impressive growth right before buds are mature is one of the reasons why you don't want to harvest early; you could be losing out on potency and yields when you only need to wait a few more days
  6. Growing weed plants and harvesting early will give you highly potent buds to smoke. This is because the level of THC in buds during the early stage of maturity is very high. When almost 50% of the pistils have a change in color, it is a signal that you should begin reaping the buds to obtain the high tetrahydrocannabinol level that you desire

Similarly one may ask, can you pick buds early? Harvesting at the right time is crucial when it comes to growing cannabis. If you harvest too early, you will have premature buds which leads to a poor product and a smaller yield. The telltale sign of harvest-ready weed is when the hairs of the plant, or pistils, have fully darkened and curled in.. Also, what color should trichomes be before. Window for Harvesting Cannabis. This term indicates the period during which the plant is at its optimum state of ripeness. The window opens when the plant is first ripe. Somewhere along the line the plant becomes over-ripe which signifies the closing of the window of harvesting cannabis. For most Indicas grown indoors, the window of harvest is. Harvesting too early means less potent buds, with less essential oils and terpenes, so your buds will taste like grass or hey, even when correctly dried and cured. Vortex marijuana from TGA SubCool A good option is harvesting the more ripe buds - which are usually those from the upper parts of the plant - The window opens when the plant is first ripe. Somewhere along the line the plant becomes over-ripe which signifies the closing of the window of harvest. For most Indicas grown indoors, the window of harvest is about two weeks long give or take a couple of days for various strains

It's still too early to harvest. Although the buds aren't at their full potential, they can still produce highs if harvested early. This high is more energetic and speedy. However, you'll experience a stronger flavor and odor if your wait. Trichomes Mostly Cloudy. You have arrived at the right time to harvest your buds Early Harvesting When around or at least 30% of the buds have ripened and ready for harvest, you can begin the chore with your blades and this is called early harvesting. There are growers who prefer this technique because they think it is best to harvest marijuana buds early than wait for them to over ripen and lose potency in the process The buds had gained about 5 percent in girth and length since my early harvest. The high I got from the middle harvest buds was typical of what I would expect from commercial Kush strains. It was mostly a body high, with a mild amount of mind euphoria, and a moderate degree of relaxing, nearly immobilizing couchlock Early harvested buds usually have higher THC content and lower CBD content but that is true only if you don't harvest too early before those trichomes have started to produce some real buds. And in general, you should avoid pre-mature harvests but if you have to then it will still be better than no harvest at all

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The bottom line is, if you harvest too early, you miss out on that weight gain, which means missing out on potentially 30-45 percent of your profits. Harvesting cannabis too early also means that a significant percentage of cannabinoid, terpenoid and flavonoid production is lost Early Apple Harvest Tree Care. The early apple harvest tree will grow in an oval shape that spreads, though they can be horizontal, erect, or upright. This is a tree that grows at a very fast rate -- you will see height increases of more than two feet per year. You can expect your standard-sized early apple harvest tree to bear fruit within six.

Most growers choose to harvest their crops a bit later than usual because of the fear of harvesting too early. However, they end up with overripe buds with poor quality and low level of THC. Educate yourself with the usual harvest time of your strain. Most Indicas grown indoors are fully developed by week 8 The boutique harvesting branch by branch as they are ready is the only way to get the absolute strongest buds from your harvest start to finish. Dani Alchimia 2015-09-17 Hi Al, I absolutely agree with you, harvesting the whole plant at once is the best way to have lots of non-ripe buds, especially when growing outdoors Identifying ripe buds. The easiest way is to keep an eye on the pistils that cover the buds. When the plant starts to flower, the pistils are white and stringy. When the flowering stage comes to an end, the color first turns to orange. The day of Harvesting. The best time to harvest is early in the day before the light period begins. Start. The easiest way to determine if a bud is ripe for harvesting is by checking its pistils. If the buds are starting to develop, they're all white, and they'll start to discolor around the fourth week of flowering. If most pistils are white, the marijuana isn't ripe enough for harvest and the bud is still lacking a lot of weight and THC New Member. Do your final dried buds lose weight if you harvest them too early. It just seems like they get more dense the longer you let them go. I had to chop a plant early and am just wondering if they gain more weight as they mature. This paticular plant was about 2-3 weeks early and it made 21oz. I was thinking it should have been closer.

Waiting might be your best option. 70-90%. 70-90% of the pistils are brown. You can harvest your marijuana plants because they are as strong and heavy as they ever will be. 90-100%. When 90-100% of the pistils brown you're almost too late for harvest. The taste will be heavy, and the effect will be narcotic Nothing wrong with harvesting in stages when needed. I've never seen a plant go from all clear to over ripe in three days, that seems extremely fast. I usually see the trichs start to change a couple weeks before the plant is ready to harvest, the very tops will get over ripe but I like to harvest when the bulk of the buds are in the sweet spot

The buds were loose and airy, not rock hard, like I prefer but the total weight of this single plant's buds is 1 pound and 5 1/2 ounces. WoW! If only I could have brought this girl to full potential! I will cure these buds for several months to see if it smokable or vapable, and/or use primarily in cooking and edibles In these 3 weeks the buds are in the final stage of ripening and you should flush the medium to eliminate any residual fertilizers. This is the easiest way to identify plant maturity, it works 100% with autoflowers, and combined with all the other signs, you should be able to harvest at the exact correct time Knowing when to harvest your cannabis is just one of those double-edged sword things. If you harvest too soon then your buds will not be as potent as they can, whilst if you take them off too late you're gonna end up with an altered cannabinoid profile which may give you different effects than what you were initially going after (read: Less THC than planned)

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  1. if your top concern is quality, then you don't have to harvest early. being impatient is not a quality that goes well with growing. unless you have a bookie who is going to kill you if you don't, then you have no reason to harvest early
  2. Yes, you can harvest the buds that are ripe, leaving the ripening buds more time and probably more light. Once the top buds are removed, the plant puts more energy into the remaining buds and they ripen sooner than they would if the top buds remained on the plant. Removing the buds before they are ripe is a waste of a whole season's effort.
  3. ing if your plant is ready for harvest. Most often, harvest time comes when trichomes are milky white and a few are amber
  4. Underripe: Clear trichomes. Ripe: Milky/cloudy trichomes. Overripe: Amber trichomes. Of the three — you want to harvest once most trichomes are cloudy/milky in color. If the trichomes are still clear, you must check every 24-48-hours until the majority of resin glands turn cloudy. Until then — you must patiently wait
  5. 4 Tips To Get More Yield From Your Buds Before Harvest. Prune Old, Fan & Shade Leaves - As your flowering stage progresses to harvest and your plant shifts more energy towards bud ripening, many older leaves will start to die. Outdoor grows will especially show these yellowed leaves and they might fall off themselves
  6. Sativa: harvest after 10 weeks of flowering Autoflower: 10 weeks from seedling to bud. Pistils 50-70% brown - young, light marijuana 70-90% brown - ripe, heavy marijuana 90-100% brown - sharp, heavy marijuana. Trichomes Clear trichomes - wait a bit longer Milky white/amber trichomes - ready for harvest All Amber trichomes - overripe
  7. hey everybody i've got a plant nearing harvest and its looking dank. i tested a quick dried nug and it got me good and high.. just gonna wait another week or so. however since im using CFLs a lot of the buds near the center of the plant are small since the light doesnt really shine through to there

Marijuana buds do not get over-ripe fast, and this means you have enough time to harvest them. If you flush the buds too early, you will end up with under ripe buds. The Telltale Signs Your Cannabis is Ready for Harvesting. If you harvest the buds early, they will give a paranoia-inducing effect. If you harvest them late, the THC levels in the. Artichoke harvest starts in late July or early August and continues well until frost. Buds are generally harvested once they reach full size, just before the bracts begin to spread open. Harvesting artichokes requires that you cut off the bud along with 3 inches (8 cm.) of stem Early harvested cannabis often has white hairs/pistils with clear and colourless trichomes. To the experienced eye, early harvested cannabis simply don't look quite yet ripe, but for some growers it's just perfect! For some people, cannabis that has been harvested a week or so early really is the best for medical use or recreational.

In early stages of flowering trichomes may appear crystal clear, which means it's too early to be harvesting them. If you inspect them in later flowering stage, they may appear more cloudy. That means it's getting close to ripe stage. When they become very cloudy and almost milky color, that's your clue when to harvest cannabis If you're trying to figure out how long it will take from seed to harvest, there's a couple variables to consider. Your cultivar, or strain, is going to be the biggest factor in this. Generally speaking, most strains finish somewhere between 4-5 months, and more strain specific info can usually be found from the website of the seed bank you. The best way to prevent this is to make a grow calendar before germinating your seeds, some places can get as little as 9:30hrs of sunlight during winter so by planning ahead you can get more yields and know when you're going to harvest your plants.. The best time of day to harvest you plants is early in the morning, before the sunrise and if you can, leave your plants in darkness for even more When To Harvest Jalapenos. When growing jalapenos, there are several easy-to-spot signs that a pepper is ready for harvest. In general, jalapenos should be 3-5 inches in length, firm to the touch, and have a deep green or red (more mature) color. The color will depend on the pepper's age, but many people prefer to pick jalapenos before they turn red Indoors the buds are fully mature by the end of their sixth week. Outdoors the plant is a super producer when multi-harvested over a period of time. The first buds are ripe around the third week of September. About every ten days after that, new buds form and can be harvested through the end of November, if the plant can be kept alive that long

Once 50 to 60% of the pistils turn brown, your cannabis plant is at her best! Her buds are rich in THC (well, THCA to be precise) and this is the perfect time to get that harvest in; Once 80 to 90% of the pistils turn brown, your weed has flowered for too long. Most of the THC has now turned into CBN Harvest is an exciting time when it comes to growing weed, because you finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Learn when and how to harvest marijuana Harvesting a cannabis plant too late though, can result in rotting of the buds or even self-pollination. Besides that, it will definitely make the effect of your crop sedative and sleep-inducing. Find more on that subject below, under 'Trichome Colour' Start this process about 7 to 10 days before you expect to harvest. 3. Methods of Trimming Buds Whole plant method. This is the fastest way to trim weed. It's quick and easy because you don't have to monitor individual buds with as much attention to detail. Ripe bud metho

CANNABIS ANATOMY RECAP. To appreciate the importance of pistils, we first need to do a quick bit of cannabis growing 101. In recapping the core principles of marijuana growing, and the different parts of male and female plant anatomy, the purpose of pistils is easier to understand.. Cannabis plants can be three different sexes: male, female, and intersex (hermaphrodite) Buds harvested now will yield up to 30 percent less weight. if harvested a little too early pure sativa and sativa-dominant plants contain lower concentrations of all cannabinoids; the stone is often more heady and soaring. pure indica and indica-dominant strains tend to yield a somewhat less intense body stone You can harvest the mature buds and leave those not quite ready for a week or two longer. Often the extra light provided by removing the ripe buds will speed the others along pretty quickly. The trained eye may be able to identify when a bud is ripe without magnification. Considering how important it is to get this right, I suggest a jeweler. In any case, I am 100% behind harvesting 1 or 2 of the smaller buds early, and giving them the normal cure instead of a fast cure. First off, I like the high from an early harvest better than an overripe one, but early or late, the cure is 50% of the game, and if you fuck that up you get a bad tasting weed without good effects IMO As compared to an early harvest, late-harvested autoflower plants are actually beneficial for its growth. they overripe, which cause the unpleasant taste. Most growers think otherwise. Even when the plants begin to dry, the smoke and the quality remains good. Products of late harvest result in buds inducing slight sedating effects that.

First, a note: The buds at the top are NOT always the first to ripen! Some plants will ripen from the bottom up or in another pattern. Watch your plants closely. In any event, pick the buds as they ripen, making sure not to start too early (a comm.. According to Harborside Farms' Steve DeAngelo, it's all in the trichomes. He'll show you what to look for regarding size, shape, density and color in your ca.. Harvesting and drying. Harvesting is certain to be the time when you are able to reap the benefits of the hard work and the most enjoyable aspect of spending time in the garden. A plant is in a position of being harvest once the flowers are able to start to ripen. A rip flower is likely to relate to the process of white pistils turning an. Ripest Bud. This harvest method can potentially increase your overall yield and quality. You first remove the ripest buds (as determined through the previous steps). Next, you wait 5-10 days for the remaining buds to reach perfect ripeness, then harvest them as well. The outer buds, which receive more direct light, will always mature first. The interval from veraison to harvest is different for each variety. Unlike many fresh fruits, grapes are harvested fully ripe. After they're picked, they do not become sweeter, so timing is everything. View the annual grapevine cycle of a red table grape vineyard, from dormancy to harvest-ready, in just 60 seconds

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Trichâmes fight for limited leaf space on this ripe bud. Notice all the pistils have died back and the trichâmes are at peak maturity for harvest. Female calyx development is shown in early, middle, and late stages. Carefully inspect buds far peak ripeness. Trichâmes fight for limited leaf space on this ripe bud At the start of the harvest window, your buds must already look just about the way you want them to be harvested. This harvest window only lasts for a few weeks because cannabis buds don't get overripe easily, and you have a lot of time to harvest your buds even just after 2 weeks after they have reached the start of the harvest window Week 1-3: The Flowering Stretch. When the plants start receiving 12 hours of darkness each day, they think that winter is close, and prepare to produce offspring.The first of the cannabis flowering stages, therefore, includes a major spurt of vegetative growth aimed at giving the plant ample size and strength to support those coming buds When around 50% to 75% of the pistils start looking dark brown, then you should pay closer attention to the buds as the time for harvest is almost there. If 75% to 90% of the pistils display a dark brown color, then your buds are ready for harvest! This is the ideal time to pluck them out as anything later may be too ripe The harvest looks like it's coming along reasonably well so far, said Dr. Tony Wolf, viticulturalist for Virginia Cooperative Extension's Alson H. Smith Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center. Warm spring weather led to early bud bursts and put this year's grape harvest a week or two ahead of schedule, Wolf said

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Top Signs that It's Time to Harvest Your Cannabis Plants. A friend of mine recently called me up and asked me whether it's time to start harvesting. He sent me a bunch of pictures about his plants - which are beautiful and quite large with fat buds - and from the first moment I could tell he was going to harvest too early By leaving enough growth on the plant after buds have been harvested, the plant will begin to focus its energy on growing new shoots and will respond back to the long days and short nights once.

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Cannabis Harvest Time. You may be wondering what all the fuss is with cannabis harvest time. That is because harvesting too early or late affects the potency and yield of marijuana.. Since the US is in the Northern hemisphere, harvest time is between September and November if you are growing marijuana outside. That will depend on the strain, with some maturing earlier than others Since it is impossible to obtain a product with 100% cloudy resin glands, the rule of thumb is to harvest when around 85% of the trichomes are milky, 10% amber and 5% clear. You can control the effect of your bud by harvesting a little earlier or later. By harvesting early you will obtain a product that provides a more cerebral inebriation. The 3 stages of trichome development are: clear, milky and amber. When trichomes first appear on your cannabis plant, they are clear as water. Harvesting when trichomes are clear is too early in my opinion because potency is low. Clear trichomes will eventually turn milky. Try to avoid harvesting when there is a mixture of clear and milky.

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In the first weeks a female cannabis flower or bud is formed, it will have long white hairs coming out if it. After 4 to 5 weeks the stigmas will start to turn yellowish. When about 50 to 80 percent of your plants' buds have stigmas, that have turned yellow or amber, they are ready to be harvested The ideal time to harvest is generally considered to be when about 30% of the trichomes have changed color; some of the THC has now become CBN, so the buds offer a good balance of effects. If you wait too long and the trichomes start looking gray and withered, you have missed the harvest window and your buds are no longer medicinally.

Harvesting during the very early hours, at dawn, takes advantage of this production. And even if you are growing indoors, keep this advice in mind, Just as your lighting system turns on, is the perfect time to harvest your crop. 60-70% of darkened pistils means your bud is ripe with the highest levels of THC Early test buds are FULL of THC, yo. Almost every serious grower takes early buds to test, 2 to 4 weeks before final harvest. Even with mostly clear trichomes, those trichomes are still full of THC. It will be the difference between, like, 18% vs 22 to 24% on the final product. Or 24% instead of 28% And that is to harvest your buds in stages. Start with a small sample. In other words, if you're growing a strain you're unfamiliar with — or if this is your first grow — and you think it's time to harvest, then you can simply flush one plant, then pick off the buds you think look the most ripe. Cure them and then try them out 2. Determine which buds are ripe enough. When growing indoors, you will often see that all buds are ripe enough to harvest at the exact same time. This is mostly due to artificial lighting (sometimes from more then 1 source) and letting the plant grow in a certain way ( Low/high Stress training)

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Harvesting too early may result in less potent cannabis and harvesting too late can result in a batch of sleepy weed. To nab those buds at the optimum time, pay close attention to the maturation rate of the flowers. The first indication of bud maturity can be noted as the pistils (those little white hairs) begin to shrivel and change color When to Harvest Your Hops. One of the first things new growers have to figure out once the Summer draws to a close is if their hops are ready to harvest. Your bines can look full, bountiful, and pregnant with cones, but harvest too early and you're going to be missing out on much of the pungent, bitter goodness these plants have to offer

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The rain can also cost you an entire harvest if you don't attend to your plants after a heavy downpour. The water trapped within the buds creates a highly humid environment that encourages the growth of mold. So, in essence, a heavy downpour will not only knock the ripe trichomes off the plant but also makes the buds more prone to mold In comparison, if this gets 70 to 90% brown, it is ripe and heavy marijuana and is generally considered the best and an ideal phase of harvest. If the pistils are 100% brown, the marijuana is generally classified as sharp and heavy - which might be a little too bitter or too strong for most peoples' preferences You need to make sure you have let your buds become as ripe as possible before harvesting. Sometimes the amount of growth in a bud's final two or three weeks can be as much as a 25% increase. In other words, by harvesting too early you could sacrifice a huge amount of weed. Harvest at the right tim Lower flower buds on outdoor plants that receive less light mature more slowly, up to two weeks after flowers near plant tops. Once flower buds are completely mature and ripe, the harvest window. You need to harvest the side shoots upon meeting the conditions above, but don't expect for them to grow as large as the center bud. How to Harvest Artichokes. After months of waiting, when the time is ripe, you can now harvest your artichoke buds. All you need for harvesting is a sharp knife and a container where you will put your harvest

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1. Using The Wet Trimming Technique. Before the Marijuana leaves have a chance to dry, spend the effort to extract all of the damaged leaves, tiny leaves, then cut and bud separately. Farmers who prefer using hand trimming scissors and gloves early on in the season will put the buds on a net to dry out for 10-14 days Orange Maturity. Whether you have oranges and flowers on the tree at the same time depends on the type of oranges you're growing. Valencia orange trees are well known for have two crops of fruit. Growers who wait until their plants (more specifically, the trichomes) are fully ripe are rewarded with the most potent buds.. Read also: Harvesting Cannabis for Maximum Strength and Quality Trimming. There are many different approaches to trimming cannabis flowers, including wet trimming methods, dry trimming methods, and automated trimming methods. There are multiple acceptable ways to trim. Stage 5: Harvesting Autoflowering Cannabis Plants. Autoflowering plants will be ready for harvest in about 8-10 weeks. By this time, the flower buds should appear milky white, while the pistils will have turned to a deep brown or reddish hue. The best time to harvest is when most of your trichomes have turned a milky white

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The best indicator of the correct time for picking peach fruit is a taste test. Although lesser in flavor, slightly under ripe fruit can be harvested and ripened indoors in a paper bag if there is an immediate need to harvest due to weather. Clingstone or canning varietals are harvested when the fruit slips freely from the stem Timing Your Harvest Why it Matters: Knowing when to harvest your buds is essential to maximizing the cannabinoid content. If you harvest too early you'll miss out on THC, CBD and other good stuff, but if you wait too long these same molecules will start to degrade. Maximizing THC in the Bud Let's take THC as an example Trichomes, Potency and Harvest Time There is no better feeling as a cultivator than when your cannabis plants are finally ready to harvest. All of the hard work over the previous few months has paid off and you are just a few days away from sampling your grow. However, it can be hard to decipher. Harvest All told this grow produced ~85 pods, harvested over a period of two and a half months. Considering that we lost more than half of our crop and almost all of the plants that did make it to flower lost their primary and secondary buds, we have to imagine that a more successful grow would have yielded close to 200 pods

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  1. d: * When the relative humidity is low, your resin production will increase. This is a natural response cannabis has to dry air,..
  2. Flax is ready to harvest when 90 percent of the bolls have turned brown. The seed should be under 12% moisture before combining. Flax is usually ripe when the stems turn yellow, the bolls turn brown, and the seed can be easily threshed. In wet summers the stems may remain green and the plants continue to flower long after the early bolls are ripe
  3. Description: Bud scales are separating at leaf bud tips. Green leaf tissue is emerging from the leaf bud tips. From 1/16 to 3/16 inch (2 to 5 mm) of green tissue is exposed. Leaves are tightly rolled. Plant part: Flower bud. Description: Flower buds open and the individual flowers can be seen between the bud scales. Can tolerate cold.
  4. In reality, harvesting at any point past the half-color stage allows more control over the ripening process without losing that homegrown flavor. Firmness is a good indication of a fully ripe tomato
  5. It's a photoperiod hybrid that's ready to harvest in only 6 to 7 weeks flowering time. This high yield weed strain is bred from Big Bud / Critical Mass (Afghani x Skunk) crossed to Seedsman's fast-finishing male. Similar to Big Bud, Big Nugs Fast grows thick heavy buds, which may need to be propped up during flowering
  6. If your strawberry bed is a solid mat of plants, create 8-inch-wide plant strips. The plant strips should be spaced 2 1/2 to 3 feet apart. Fertilization is the next step in renovation. Apply approximately 5 pounds of 10-10-10 or a similar analysis fertilizer per 100 feet of row to encourage plant growth and development. Q
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