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The nightmare reached it's peak and Zuko curled tighter into a ball. The teen who had otherwise been quiet this night whimpered loundly and the fire followed his lead. Only, instead of flaring up, the flame died down, as if cowering itself. Suddenly, the fire died completely as Zuko cried out in his sleep and bolted upright Zuko, it's alright. Sokka said softly, comfortingly. It's okay tocry. Zuko looked at him searchingly, as if trying to figure out if he meant it. Sokka smiled gently, hoping that it would help. Zuko cleared his throat, uncomfortable in the silence. Of course the Firenation crown-prince would be too proud to cry

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  1. g. Zuko defeated her. He was to be the new fire lord. But first, Aang must.
  2. Aang let out a strangled whimper, and Toph actually crawled into Zuko's lap, tears welling in her milky eyes. Katara's face was pale, and Suki's hands were over her mouth. Chit Sang's face was lined with sorrow and anger. What— Katara faltered. He didn't And then, Zuko went on as though he hadn't heard her, he stopped in front of me
  3. Fathers and Sons, an avatar: last airbender fanfic | FanFiction. Zuko is a quiet boy. Hakoda discovers this on their way from the Boiling Rock to the Western Air Temple. While Suki and Sokka chat, while Chit Sang talks loudly, while Hakoda shares stories with his son, Zuko sits silently and watches. He has reason to be quiet, Hakoda supposes
  4. Aang watched closely as Zuko paced the fire behind him. As the group sat in their circle Zuko refused to join. This bothered Aang, Zuko had proven himself a worthy member of this group yet still didn't feel accepted enough to eat with them. The firebender seemed to be in his own world as he finally sat down to eat in the corner of the camp
  5. Another Shot Chapter 1, an avatar: last airbender fanfic | FanFiction. Blistering palms pushing uselessly against the stone, Zuko groaned as he tried to right himself. It was a quiet, pained sound that escaped him, but it seemed to echo across the courtyard, piercing Katara with a fear she hadn't felt in years

Zuko was not sure what was happening at all, but it didn't matter. Azula was the dangerous one. His largest threat. Zuko could see in her narrowed eyes, the set of her mouth that she was not afraid and she was ready to kill him. Ready to kill them all. Zuko had been declared a traitor to the fire nation Zuko was thirteen years old when he challenged an old general to an Agni Kai. His father fought for the general. He was thirteen years old. He wasn't a prodigy. Zuko died when he was thirteen years old with his uncle sobbing at his side. Zuko turned into a ghost when he was thirteen. Azula's brother's voice joins her mothers in her head

Zuko struggles for several more seconds before he slumps to the ground, pulling Suki down with him. It's not fair, Zuko says, his voice thick with exhaustion and emotion. He didn't deserve (She didn't deserve this fate, she says hollowly, staring down at the unmoving body) I know, she says, and she does. She squeezes her eyes shut. Katara held the crumpled body of the Avatar's, his skin matching Zuko's wounded eye, a blend of red, dark pink, and light pink. The same burned texture, his clothes tattered, torn, and charred. His glider was in shambles and the wings were torn with burned tips. Zuko all but noticed that the young looking entity was hardly breathing, and how.

Katara and Toph go to the tea shop and discover Zuko is waiting tables way earlier than in the show. Slower exploration of Zuko's life as a tea server. Also the Dai Li are terrible customers. The Gaang ends up coming to Zuko's aid, but that might make things worse Zuko sat by the pool, watching the glint of light glinting off the water. The turtle ducks quacked and frolicked in the water. Zuko himself sat in deep contemplation, a funny sight for a seven year old. But Zuko was worried about Azula. He had overheard the servants and his Mother talking about how horrible she was becoming and Zuko could see it A younger dragon! Zuko who becomes extremely possessive of his crew and hoards them and tries to protect them. Zuko's crew (a crew full of dragon bloods) comes to realize Zuko cares and is hoarding them and eventually hoard him back. Let Zuko have his crew survive the invasion of the North. Series. Part 2 of Dragons In Atla; Language: English. Fire Nation (Avatar) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Summary. zuko is banished and has a crew he's pretty sure can't tell their asses from their heads. oh and he realizes that ozai is a fucked up father (much to iroh's pleasure). Series. Part 1 of island of misfits. Language: English So I finally wrote something. Hello hello! They were under attack, Fire Nation soldiers swarmed their camp, demanding that the Avatar must surrender at once. That's when the gang attacked, Katara uncorked her waterskin and whipped numerous soldiers, slicing their throats with razor sharp icicles. Aang blew air at them, sending them back. Zuko, shooting fire at the soldiers, burning many of.

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Zuko nodded slightly, and looked up at Sokka, his amber eyes shining. We should start trying. He took a deep breath. For a baby, I mean. Sokka's eyes widened, but he nodded at Zuko nonetheless, squeezing his hand. Okay. But only if you want to The way Zuko was running to greet him was a breath of fresh air—it was the rays of sun on a gloomy day, the rainbow after the rain. That joy and that vulnerability that came along with being a human person is part of what made Zuko so beautiful, it's what made him shine and light up the room, what made his heart beat faster Toph stepped in front of Zuko, hands on her hips. After you left we talked about what a jerk you were, then we went to sleep. Then the wall exploded, and Aang was taken. Her voice was a mix of rage and sorrow and when her voice cracked Sokka thought she might cry, but she held it together and continued The standard Apple pencil, because I heard the alternatives may be a bit laggy! This article is about the character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Katara Zuko Also die Ff spielt in der Folge am Lufttempel wo Zuko normalerweise gegen den Auftrags Killer kämpft den er auf Aang gesetzt hat, Zuko hat sich aber entschieden Aang nicht mehr zu jagen und von der Feuernation sich fern zu halten. Chapter 2 Oh my god... Katara mumbled before takin off running with Aang traveling a little bit behind. I ran to find my father as anxiety built up in my chest. Dad! Kai! I shouted as my fiancé and my father came into view. Immedialtey Kai had wrapped his arms around my shoulders. F-Fire Nation, oh my god. I breathed out quickly feeling my heart dramatically incr..

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He's so strong Fire and water Katara thought. She felt Zuko's hair against her fingers and dug into it, smiling in her mind as she did so. Pulling back, Zuko tried to speak, Katara maybe we- Don't stop. She kissed him again. When at last they pulled back, Zuko held her close to him, his breathing coming out quickly no one you'll cry over; Zuko is an Awkward Turtleduck; Protective Zuko (Avatar) Summary. Ming may have a problem with the new Fire Lord, insofar as that he's decidedly not General Iroh. This makes her sudden promotion from her old position as a lowly prison guard to the head of the royal guard a bit baffling and, frankly, uncomfortable [oneshot, short] Lessons Zuko learns in his first year being Fire Lord. I really like explorations of Zuko's journey as Fire Lord and this is a lovely little window into that. Soft by PenPistola. [oneshot, short] Zuko and Toph bonding after the Ember Island Players. Short and sweet Accusation Fic: The fic calls out Aang for sparing Ozai after sinking countless Fire Nation naval ships and causing a disastrous political situation for Zuko.; Adaptation Expansion: The fanfic expands on what happens between episodes, in part to allow for more interaction between Zuko and Katara.Certain canon scenes are expanded on, as during the leadup to the Agni Kai between Zuko and Azula. A Kataang Fanfiction: Epilogue. Come on, Daddy! Faster!! Aang laughed, breaking into a light jog when Kuzon tugged his finger. Katara followed, smiling. Kuzon, you might have to slow down! I think you have Daddy beat in speed! The boy grinned, revealing his missing front teeth

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Zuko had finally been brought to one of his lowest points at a young age. The Zuko seen at the beginning of the series is a far cry from the tender-hearted boy we see in flashbacks. His father literally ruined his life. He stripped him of his mother, home, and honor and left Zuko with a constant reminder of it all right on his face Oh, Zuko, you're okay! The man cried. The boy named Zuko giggled. Papa, it's okay, Mama helped me. The boy pointed at Ino. The man looked at Ino and he quickly got up and bowed. Please forgive my son- Oh no, it's alright, I don't mind really. She picked her hands in front of her. he straighten his back and looked into her eyes Fanfiction. Zuko x Male!Reader #avatar #xmalereader. Zuko x Male!Reader Pt 7 You lowered your eyelids as you tried not to cry. Zuko's face seemed to soften when he saw that tears had formed in your eyes. He noticed as you tried not to cry, it didn't work, though. The tears just started rolling down your face as you hiccuped once in a while Will probably make you cry and/or scream. Guidance by jovialJuggernaut. Sokka and Zuko meet when they're young in their dreams, but now that they're older and Zuko is trying to catch the Avatar, things have changed. This is an amazing fic and I've enjoyed it very much. Half A Heart by AvocadoLove Zuko let out a heartbroken, outraged cry that faded into shakey breaths as his shoulders shook with grief. Aang only stood still and firm with Zuko securely in his arms, tears escaping his own eyes and sliding down his face. After a bit, Zuko's managed to compose himself and pulled away. Aang pointed to the door. Get your law enforcement

Zuko gave a muffled cry of joy against her mouth and launched himself at her, knocking her to the ground - fortunately not hard enough to knock the air out of her this time. His palms were heating up again, and they were all over her now, at her hips, her sides, her thighs zukoxreader zuko avatarthelastairbender avatar atla sokka aang katara toph princezuko iroh firebender sokkaxreader zukoxoc airbender waterbender azula xreader firenation avatarfanfic 177 Stories Sort by: Ho Wrong side, Losing side: Zuko x f!Reader. Summary: When (y/n) chooses to help the avatar escape and betray her boyfriend Zuko, she is instantly a traitor to her home country, the fire nation. You kicked off the cliff side, vaulting your body into the air, a flame manifesting with a concentrated swirl from your ankle down to your boot heel, with a swift flip in the middle of Azula's blue. Post-Southern Raiders, Katara and Zuko slowly bond and get closer as the comet draws nearer. They both have shit to deal with, and understand enough to help the other out, whether that's past abuse, or trying to come to terms with your darker side. It's utterly GORGEOUS and SO good! 8. level 2

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It is interesting to note that when his healthy eye opens all the way, the scarred one remains still. But when Zuko closes his right eye, the left shuts evenly with it. This suggests that the scar is deeper than it looks, which could injure the tear duct and eyelid muscles, and which could also suggest that Zuko is blind in his scarred eye If you watched Avatar: The Last Airbender than you should be familiar with Zuko. Zuko was a powerful fire bender that was positioned as the primary antagonist to Aang along most of his journey. Zuko's personality and temperament are a direct result of the society of hierarchy he was raised in. Discipline and respect were the primary motives for success and failure were seen as a result that. Xover: Emerald Dragon Ch 6, Harry Potter & Avatar: Last Airbender | FanFiction. Reviews: A-gods-flame: Azula actually. bored peasant : Very much. whovian 2015: Only a few seasons. Chapter 6 -. Excuse me, Harry said in a polite voice as he opens up a sliding door to the building where the Kyoshi warriors were training with their fans, though. Leo Atla Aang Katara Sokka Zuko Water Tribe Fire Nation Air Nomads Waterbending Tyson. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. You know the drill. Avatar, balance, fire nation attacking, blah, blah, blah. I'm Percy Jackson, one of the last Waterbenders of my tribe. Me and my friends just happen to find the avatar chilling in an ice cube and the next thing I. Zuko was born into the royal family of the Fire Nation as the crown prince. Even though he would be crown prince, his father and grandfather preferred his much more skilled and cunning sister to him, since he had no other friends he only had his mother for support, who one day disappeared. When..

A DAY LATER. Aang: *Walks in Katara's house without knocking,see's her sleeping on the couch, shakes his head, picks her up, takes her up to her room, lays her down, lays down beside her*. Katara: *Shifts in her sleep, lays her head on Aang's chest*. Aang: *Smiles to himself while stroking her hair*. 15 MINUTES LATER His nephew responds that all tea is just hot leaf juice, to which iroh takes great offense. Now just replace tea with fanfiction. Iroh complains that the fic is basically just porn, while zuko says that's what all fan fiction is Proof that the remaining 10% is worth fighting a hundred year war here.. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want Bring Me All Your Elderly! is an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic by RainAndRoses. The premise is simple: after watching The Last Airbender, and brooding over the vast amounts of Adaptation Decay, the Gaang decide to take action.They enter the world of the movie, interacting with their movie counterparts in such a way as to try and solve some of the movie's problems Zuko and Azula often wore royal robes while in the Fire Nation Royal Palace.. Azula is Zuko's younger sister by two years. While siblings, she seemed to take great pleasure in the punishment inflicted on her brother. Zuko expressed resentment toward her, as she was a firebending prodigy and the favored sibling. Following the failed Siege of the North, Fire Lord Ozai tasked Azula with capturing.

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** Gets even more pronounced when Zuko steals Mai's iPad and starts ''reading the fanfic itself''. Including the reviews. His brain breaks when [[FromBeyondTheFourthWall he reads the review requesting that the author write a chapter where one of them reads the reviews]] Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender Relationships: Hakozai Prompts: Caught in the Act, Post-War Words: 1,980 Description: Sokka is grudgingly accepting of the fact that the Loser Lord is living in his village in order to repay his debt to society or whatever it was that Zuko had said, but is horrified when he returns after some time away & sees a hickey on the man's neck Zuko, the impulsive Crown Prince of the Fire Nation from Avatar. Shoto Todoroki, the stoic Half-Cold Half-Hot Hero of Class 1-A from My Hero Academia. Armed with the ability to bend the elements to their whim and the scars of their pasts as a reminder of where they came from, both seemed initially destined to fall down the same dark paths their.

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Iroh & Zuko (Avatar) Toph Beifong & Katara & Sokka & Zuko & Original Character(s) Zuko & Zuko's Crew (Avatar) Zuko (Avatar)/Reader; The Gaang (Avatar) & Original Character(s) Aang & The Gaang (Avatar) Sokka & The Gaang (Avatar) Azula & The Gaang (Avatar) Katara & The Gaang (Avatar) The Gaang & Yue (Avatar) Zuko (Avatar) Aang (Avatar) Katara. A guy who looked to be older than Zuko by just a few years was standing behind the counter. Dark skin, dark hair, and gray-green eyes; wearing clothes that were clearly meant for a man much larger than he was. She and Zuko walked up to the counter to wait behind a woman who was arguing with the guy behind the counter As Zuko stared at her, his fantasy growing and temperature rising, he realized he could bear this torture no longer. He roared as would a trapped bear, spitting fire into the dark recesses of the cave's ceiling. He tore in half, in quarters, and as soon as he had released his angry cry, he pounced, taking Katara as his victim Lia, seemingly having gotten her emotions under control for the moment, gave them a cursory glance. Most of them avoided her gaze, even though Zuko, Katara and Ao were giving her concerned but sympathetic looks. The redhead managed a small bitter smile before she turned and disappeared in the forest. Oct 5

azu1as: azu1as: azu1as: dumb atla fanfic idea: ozai is thrown back in time—to the time when firelord azulon still sat on the throne. when ursa had not disappeared into the arms of her lover, ikem. when he still had his bending. when the avatar had not reappeared. when all was right with the world. ozai's ready to conquer the world—nine years earlier than planned, nine years before sozin. The Dark of the Moon (Zuko x Reader) Summary: Late night insomnia turns into a conversation about love, and Zuko makes an interesting discovery about his feelings for you. Word Count: 2,100. Author's Note: You can thank Avatar being on Netflix and rekindling my childhood obsession for this one. I wrote this mostly as a dialogue / pacing. Zuko, please, She begged. Let Katara help, she can heal him- She reached out to touch Iroh, but this time Zuko shoved her away. I don't need your help! He shouted at her. Tears streamed from his amber eyes. They had been children, the last time she had seen him cry. Go away, all of you! He cradled his uncle in his arms