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Packet to Bulk - Huge Seed Selection Including Non-GMO & Organics - Since 197 Sananga Canada Ethnobotanicals Sananga Canada is dedicated to educate the world on ethnobotany. We specialize in articles tailored to teach about the herbs from the Amazon jungle and have a webshop to showcase treasures from the jungle

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  1. Dill Seed $ 2.00 - $ 10.00. Buy Kratom Online; Add to Wishlist. Kratom . Lion's Mane $ 14.00 - $ 175.00. Add to Wishlist. Kratom . Red Sumatra $ 10.00 - $ 125.00. Add to Wishlist. Kratom . Red Malay $ 10.00 - $ 125.00. Add to Wishlist. Kratom . Green Hulu $ 12.00 - $ 150.00. Add to Wishlist. Kratom . Green Malay $ 10.00 - $ 125.00.
  2. Magic Garden Seeds - unique heirloom seeds from Germany and Europe - old varieties, rarities and heritage cultivars. We offer worldwide delivery of rare plant seeds. Among these are almost forgotten cultivars of useful plants, old vegetable varieties from Europe, herbs and medicinal heritage plants from all over the world, exotic plants.
  3. It can be known also as Sananga Eyedrops however we do not promote or condone any specific usage of the sananga plant as a cure for illness.This product is a liquid obtained from the Tabernaemontana Sananho plant root. There are two main plants that can be used to make Sananga
  4. PRE-ORDER SHIPS LATE NOVEMBER 2021 BIGGER THAN EVER! The 532 pages of the 2022 Whole Seed Catalog are bursting with exciting new heirloom varieties from around the globe, plus recipes, articles, advice on growing and saving heirloom seed, comprehensive histories of these precious heirloom strains and stories of the growers and breeders who tend to them
  5. 50 grams - Anadenanthera peregrina (yopo) Common names: Yopo, Cohona, Vilca, Huilca, Huilco, Hakudufha, Kahhobba, Kahobba, niopo, parica, Yopa, Yopo, Yupa, Angico, cebil. It is a magnificent, perennial tree, native to the Caribbean and South America. The seeds became more venerated by the indigenous cultures of South America. Traditionally, seeds are used in sacred rituals an

Cancer Radium Weed Euphorbia Peplus Petty Spurge Seeds Great big packet of 200+ seeds! Plenty to get you started! This awesome little plant is really gaining popularity in OZ these days after many years of traditional medicinal use, all around the world We specialize in the finest ethnobotanical products in the world and we stand behind that fact. We are a highly successful wholesale company in ethnobotany, for 17 years, selling the most known native sacret ethnobotanicals, and a wide variety of other rare exotic teacher plants, herbs, grow kits, shrooms, cactus, seeds, tinctures and extracts Heavenly Products - Leading Provider of Ethnobotanical Products and more! Welcome to Heavenly Products! We are a small Ma and Pa, customer oriented business who's ultimate goal is to offer you a one stop shopping outlet for many of your ethnobotanical interests. We import many rare religious sacraments, crafts and novelty items you won't find. Iris Pseudacorus Seeds (Yellow Flag, Pale Yellow Iris Seeds) Zingiber Rubens Seeds (Bengal Ginger Seeds) Marcgraviastrum Subsessile Seeds. Blackcurrant Seeds (Ribes nigrum) Bugle Lily Seeds (Watsonia pillansii) Lotus Tetragonolobus Seeds (Asparagus Pea, Winged Pea) New. Passiflora Suberosa Seeds. New Due to the extremely small size of Kratom seeds, packets are sold by weight, and not by number, but a 10mg packet contains approximately 150-200 seeds! These seeds are mixed red vein and white vein Kratom, and viability is at about 25% for these beautiful plants. Kratom seeds will germinate in almost any cool to hot environment

Plant Seeds: If we send you plant seeds- please check the number on baggie with plant names below to identify seeds. Enter the seed name in search engine for plant details. Seeds will store well in the fridge if too late in the season to plant. Please pass on to a friend if not interested in these particular seeds Growing from seed is a privilege because the seeds only remain viable for a very short time. We are now able to offer yage seeds year round. These seeds are viable, but germination is not guaranteed due to the stubborn nature of the seeds. Most of the seeds on the market are offered at high prices and are already dormant

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Canada wildrye seeds are highly germinable, showing the best germination in soils with high water content . Seedlings are vigorous [49,98] and usually establish quickly . Robocker and others found Canada wildrye seeds required an average of 8 days before emergence. Seeds were planted in flats at 0.125 to 0.25 inch (0.318-0.64 cm) depths. Yopo Seeds (Anadenanthera peregrina) Yopo Seeds, also known as Jopo, Cohoba, Parica or Calcium Tree, is a perennial tree of the Anadenanthera Genus native to the Caribbean and South America. The beans of A. colubrina have a similar chemical makeup as Anadenanthera peregrina. Traditional Use

distributing seeds, and protecting important And Canada ' s First Peo-ples used re liberally to enhance the quality and Ethnobotanical studies in Mexico have documented that Mesoamerican. Discussion in 'Canada' started by -Sixcat-, Feb 1, 2009. -Sixcat- Member Im looking for a confirmed ethnobotanical vendor based in Canada, in or near Vancouver would be best Loc: The Great White North. Erythroxylum Novogranatense seeds and Canada. #2827681 - 06/25/04 01:00 PM (15 years, 10 months ago) Edit. Reply. Quote. Quick Reply. I understand these are legal to posses in Canada. A certain Canadian ethnobotanical supplier can have them shipped to you direct from the grower in South America (this is purely for. Mexican dream herb or calea zacatechichi effects are very interesting. This dream herb is known for its ability to enhance dreams making them vivid, colorful, long, and even lucid ! live mexican dream herb, calea zacatechichi plants ready for a new home! These are grown in grow plugs allowing you to place them in either soil or hydroponics Black Mugwort AKA Alpine Wormwood Seeds- Artemisia Genipi - Historical And Ethnobotanical Herb - Seed Count 20+. ArcadiaSampleSeeds. 5 out of 5 stars. (2,352) $3.59. Add to Favorites

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Asklepios-seeds. Saatgut Onlineshop für Heilpflanzen, Zierpflanzen & Ethnobotanik - Onlineshop for seeds of ethnobotanical, medicinal & ornamental plants www.asklepios-seeds.de. Posts Tagged Compiled by Michael Pilarski Friends of the Trees Society. Version 1, March 15, 2017 Here is a list of the medicinal herb seed companies in the USA and Canada that I know of. I purchased seed from four of these companies in 2017. I like getting all of their in-print catalogs and use them as reference books. Do you know of any other seed companies which specialize in medicina

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  1. thic. 3. Leaf is used to treat asthma and insect bites. 4. Rhizome is also used for skin infections of domestic animals
  2. Discussion in 'Canada' started by -Sixcat-, Feb 1, 2009. -Sixcat- Member Im looking for a confirmed ethnobotanical vendor based in Canada, in or near Vancouver would be best
  3. Besides the whole Peganum harmala seeds, we offer you a wide variety of extracts; Our products are not certified by the FDA neither Health Canada for human consumption. They are sold for incense and soap making purposes, decorative purposes and/or legitimate ethnobotanical research. Our products are not sold and intended for human.
  4. Once a plant is started, it becomes shrub-like, and the tender shoots can be used to propogate new plants relatively easily. Wild dagga is the type of flower that will stand out in a flower garden, and it is a staple to any ethnobotanical garden. WE ALSO OFFER KLIP DAGGA SEEDS & A VARIETY OF DAGGA PRODUCTS
  5. ation rate. West Coast Seeds only offers non-GMO, non-GEO seeds.
  6. 10 seeds per packet. 1,500 seeds per dpak. These unique packets have been created in the hopes of reaching as many helping hands as possible. the Monarchs are counting on each of us to do our part in protecting their mystery and beauty. Only by working together can we insure that milkweeds and butterflies will always have a place in this world

Shipping. USA : $3.99 Flat Rate Tracked ( Free Shipping when you spend $35.00 ) AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: $21.99 Tracked. CANADA & MEXICO: $15.99 Tracked. EU And UK: $18.99 Tracked. REST OF WORLD: $21.99 Tracked. All items are packaged in bubble envelopes to ensure you receive your items in good condition and sent USPS tracked mail Sonoma Seeds is your West Coast based, premium cannabis seed supplier. We can assure you that the marijuana seeds for sale in our company are top quality. We hand pick which strains to provide by choosing top quality cannabis plants with the best genetics to grow seeds from. Our motto is grow organically because we believe that the best. NAS Product Detail Page. 10 seeds per packet. 1,500 seeds per dpak. These unique packets have been created in the hopes of reaching as many helping hands as possible. the Monarchs are counting on each of us to do our part in protecting their mystery and beauty Fat Baby Achocha Cyclanthera Brachystachya Seeds Packet of 10+ fresh homegrown seeds! These guys are really cool. Think of them as a crisp, crunchy, juicy capsicum, with the taste of a mild cucumber. Massive crops like the relative the Exploding Cucumber, just this guy is much more civilized and domesticated. Similar shaped fruits, just twice [

Don't forget to check out our other selection of Ethnobotanicals and Live Ethnobotanical Plants and Seeds! Statements and items on this website are not intended to be taken as a scientific or medical claim. Items are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure, any ailment, condition, or disease, nor are they evaluated or approved by the FDA Seed Bank Cannabis Seeds (Canadian Bred Seeds) with much information about them and prices comparison. Currently Listing 2935 Cannabis Seeds Packages, 718 Bongs Packages, 23 Salvia Ethnobotanical Herbs Hemp Merchandise Herb Grinders Legal Highs Life Style Pipes and Bubblers Storag hi guys not sure if anyone has been growing Syrian rue seeds or interested but here is my growing experiences with this plant. i used three different soils to see which gave the best results. seed raising soil. transplanted into regular potting mix. seed sprouted early however the roots did not seem to grow deep. plants seemed to fall over or die soon after seeding stage. about 3 died for.

Here is a list of psychoactive plants that are potentially deadly. These are probobly NOT plants that you want to mess around with. - belladonna: Legal in both Canada and the US. - datura: Legal in both Canada and the US. - deadly nightshade: Legal in both Canada and the US. - hemlock: Legal in both Canada and the US Annual weeds are plants that grow from seeds that are dispersed by a parent plant each spring. ethnobotanical history and is becoming popular once again in the culinary world. Canada Thistle. Never tried it myself, but I found this: Soak the seeds about an hour in hot (but not boiling) water before you, to prevent mould to occur during the germination process, plant them in perlite, grit or another not-organic soil. After germination (1-6 weeks) however, the plants can be transplanted in an organic soil. Give your young plants a lot of root space, much light and water them regularly 38.Ethnobotanical (seeds, hulls) 39. Stable and Barn (harness, bits) 40. Miscellaneous Hardware (bolts, tongs, washers, etc.) 41. Other (reflecting activities such as industry or craft) 42. Military Objects (shells,insignia

Ethnobotanical plants and their tradomedicinal values: A review . Olugbenga Kayode Popoola . 1, * seed is the main source of chocolate; the ash from pod from the pod is used as source of lye for soap making. as an ornamental plant in Canada, New Zealand and United States. It belongs to the Olive family Oleaceae Long before sunflower seeds became a popular snack food, they were a foodstuff valued by Native Americans. For some 10,000 years, from the end of the Pleistocene to the 1800s, the indigenous peoples of the plains regarded edible native plants, like the sunflower, as an important source of food Perhaps as many as 100,000 or more wildcrafted braids are harvested and braided in Canada each year, and is the major source of braids in North America, along with the coastal Maine harvests. Braids range from 1.5 to 3 feet long, with an average of 1.5 to 2 feet. Braids over two feet are rare. The really long 36-40 inch (one meter+) braids. The seeds are toxic due to production of hydrocyanic acid in the leaves, stems and seeds. The almond nuts are treated to deactivate the poisonous glycosides before they are put on the market. Cases of illness and deaths have been traced back to eating the seeds of these trees. Conservation: Chokecherry is used extensively i

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Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) {Mugwort seeds for sale here with free shipping!. Grown In Organic Soil! I have them in and out, as they sell quickly. Check back if they're out of stock! (Sometimes they may be listed as out of stock here on Star, but are available in our ETSY shop via the link above, at the very top of this page. Ethnobotanical Analysis of Elymus. Of the ca. 150 known Elymus species, we identified 21 taxa with documented ethnobotanical uses by people in North America and/or Eurasia (Table 2).Fifteen species are used as forage, 12 are used for food, 6 are used as raw materials in the home, and 5 are used medicinally (see Table 2 for full list of citations). We identified at least 25 different indigenous. Psychotria viridis is a common perennial tree or shrub of the Rubiaceae family. It grows to a height of approximately five meters. The leaves are opposite and are typically 5-15cm, elliptic in shape and are papery in texture. The leaves tend to become grayish to reddish brown when dried

ETHNOBOTANICAL VALUE Native Americans consumed parts of the plant as a cooked vegetable. Why Was This Plant Selected? Spiderwort was selected for its evergreen, lily-like, textured foliage and the vibrant bloom color. It is native in Texas, except east Texas, and throughout central U.S. into Canada Worldwide Online Cannabis Seeds Headshops which send to toronto, california, kentucky, cornwall, canada, and they are shipping marijuana seeds to the us (usa) as well. Currently Listing 2935 Cannabis Seeds Packages, 718 Bongs Packages, 23 Salvia Packages, Products Packag

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The Diegueno also ate nuts and the seeds also. Pinus strobus, the resin of which was used by the Chippewa to treat infections and gangrene. Pluchea sericea, used as an antidiarrheal and eyewash. Podophyllum peltatum, used as an emetic, cathartic, and anthelmintic agent. They also boiled the poisonous root, and used the water to treat stomach aches The most relevant use resulted to be direct application of the oil extracted from seeds as a cosmetic for body and hair care and as a medicinal remedy to prevent varicose veins. ethnobotanical. Seed harvest underway in a milkweed seed production field at the Native American Seed farm in Junc- Ethnobotanical, Industrial, and Commercial Uses (10) Milkweed Species Native to the United States and Canada (115) Appendix II: Known Milkweed Pathogens (123). The possibilities are limitless. You can add next year's refund on it, too. 3. Love it. There are plenty of reasons to love your new Advantage card. It's free to activate, free to make purchases and free to receive purchase and balance updates. Plus you'll have 24 hour access to your card's information, like your transaction history Seed Count: 20+ Seeds Per Packet. Growing instructions are provided on each seed packet. Dianthus Sooty is an exquisite garden addition for the Black Flower, Dark Flower, or Gothic garden enthusiast. Sooty boasts deep dark chocolate maroon to almost black blooms in abundance and are highly fragranced

W e fan off the heat, waiting for the heavy summer sun to dip in the horizon, watching sparrows swoop and nest in the grass-thatched roof above. As dusk finally falls, Meer takes a small curved blade, and we walk towards the edge of the jungle. Drowsy from tea creamy with buffalo milk, I watch astonished as Meer quickly climbs the tall slender trunk like a ladder, carefully cutting specific. Natural chemicals from northern prairie plants - the phytochemical contents of one thousand North American species. 277 pp. Ag-West Biotech, Inc. Saskatoon, Canada. Fytokem Products, Saskatoon. The use of medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases has generated renewed interest in recent times, as herbal preparations are increasingly being used in both human and animal healthcare systems. Diarrhoea is one of the common clinical signs of gastrointestinal disorders caused by both infectious and non-infectious agents and an important livestock debilitating condition Hemp seed is the seeds from low THC varieties of the Hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), which is a highly nutritional and medicinal seed. Hemp seed is about 50% protein (from 18 amino acids) & rich in omegas 3 and 6, in the perfect ratio for the human body. After being prohibited for decades, Hemp (Cannabis sativa) seed

Seeds for sale starting at € 5.00. This smallish tree fern produces a slender trunk to about 1 m tall that holds a spreading crown of leathery, stiff, pinnate fronds Hyssop is a perennial plant which is native to the Mediterranean region and has been imported and naturalized in the US and Canada. It grows along roadsides and is sometimes found as a garden herb. Hyssop is quite similar in appearance to other members of the mint family. Its volatile oil possesses a highly aromatic camphor-like smell Sweetgrass or Sweet Grass (Hierochlöe odorata) Seed stalk, life-size, very important for positive identification. DESCRIPTION & HISTORY of SWEETGRASS is a winter-hardy aromatic perennial grass, normally found growing in rich, moist soil from Alaska to Newfoundland in full sun, and is also native to northern Europe.. The peoples of both Europe and North America independently consider this. Sunflower seeds of 100 grams contain 25 grams proteins, 42 grams fat, 1 gram carbs and 4 grams herbal fiber. The energy value is 2450 kj (585 kcal). The seed contains vitamin A, vitamins from the B group, vitamin E, and of minerals, there are arecalcium, phosphorus, ironandsodium. The flower petals contain anthocyanicglycosides, xanthophyll. Seeds of Distinction, on the other hand, is as colorful a catalog as the Ethnobotanical one is gray. Pictured on the cover is a Meconopsis betonicifolia, an azure-blue beauty that is sure to catch.

Plectranthus is a large and widespread genus with a diversity of ethnobotanical uses. The genus is plagued with numerous nomenclatural disharmonies that make it difficult to collate accurate data on the uses. The aim of this review is to gather together all ethnobotanical information on Plectranthus and to map the data onto the most up-to-date phylogenetic classification in order to see if. TEA: The Ethnobotanical Assembly. 1,211 likes · 1 talking about this. The Ethnobotanical Assembly (TEA) is a quarterly online magazine for research, writing, and thinking about people-plant..

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In consideration of the ethnobotanical usage of the mangrove plants, this study also explain the PTE contents in respective usable parts. i.e., the leaf, fruit, and seeds. Results showed the absence of Pb in the fruits and seed of the A. officinalis and P. coarctata , whereas trace of Cd and Hg was present in fruits and seeds of the plants. Echinacea purpurea is commonly referred to as purple coneflower after its brilliant violet petals and prominent spiny seed head.This species of echinacea has been used extensively by traditional herbalists and its popularity continues to grow. Echinacea herb is often combined with a variety of plants in botanical infusion blends

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Finally, to provide an explanation for the effects of NSE in adipocytes, PPARgamma stimulating activity was tested using a reporter gene assay. Results indicate that NSE behaves as an agonist of PPARgamma. The data supports the ethnobotanical use of N. sativa seed oil as a treatment for diabetes, an The Magnoliaceae (/ m æ ɡ ˌ n oʊ l i ˈ eɪ s i i /) are a flowering plant family, the magnolia family, in the order Magnoliales.It consists of two subfamilies: Magnolioideae, of which Magnolia is the best-known genus, and Liriodendroidae, a monogeneric subfamily, of which Liriodendron (tulip trees) is the only genus.. Unlike most angiosperms, whose flower parts are in whorls (rings), the.

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We offer the best exotic ethnobotanicals and psychoactive herbs such as Kratom, Kava Kava, Blue Lotus, and much more in resins, extracts, seeds, and tinctures. - 0 Items 1 (773) 236-815 This species has important ethnobotanical value as it was used by Native Americans as a cereal grain and for basketry. It is drought tolerant, establishes well from seed, and provides beneficial competition with non-native annual grasses when used for habitat restoration. Seed Germination Instructions. No pretreatment required Seeds and Plant Production Canada goldenrod plants are indeterminate, and seed ripens about 6 weeks after flowers bloom. Seed is wind-disseminated and will blow away when ripe. Seed can be harvested with a combine, however the most efficient method is with a vacuum, which removes only mature seed and minimizes amount of undesired plant material High Mowing Non-GMO Organic Seeds. We offer 100% certified organic seed, bred to perform best in organic conditions with robust, vigorous genetics and modern disease resistances. All of our organic, Non-GMO seed is regularly tested for germination rates, disease and GMO contamination. Our team is knowledgeable, communicative and dedicated to.

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Prairie Originals - Native Prairie Plants and Seeds 27 Bunns Rd., Box 25, Grp. 310, RR 3, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada R1A 2A8 Phone 204-785-9799 EmailEmai Online shop Exotic Seeds Store, offers you the largest selection of seeds of all types of plants. We offer over 2000 different plant seeds: vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, hot pepper seeds, climbing plant seeds, tobacco seeds, and much mor No matter if you are just getting started with CBD or a long timer, we have created this resource for everyone. There are millions of CBD products online which makes choosing the right a tad bit difficult. We have spent hours on research and compiled a list of top CBD products for every application. Do check our buyer guides depending on what. English: We ship all of our orders out through the US Postal Services. DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS (Puerto Rico, United States, Hawaii, Guam, Virgin Islands) Service Description Cost Time to Delivery First Class Orders between 1-4.0 ounces weight Flat Rate Price of $3.25 3-7 days l Orders between 4.1-8 ounces weight Flat Ra

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Yerba Santa is native to California and southern Oregon, where it is adapted to the Mediterranean climate and is a fire-follower, germinating readily by seed after wildfire events, and sprouting from its underground rhizomes. Yerba Santa is an important medicinal plant with significant ethnobotanical uses Important seed importation regulations for Canadian customers The import of any living plant material (including seed) into Canada is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). In general, small lots of seeds from ornamental plants are permitted entry to Canada without a phytosanitary certificate and/or a seed analysis certificate.

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Sow Right Seeds - Complete Garden Seed Collection for Planting - 40 Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable, Herb and Flower Varieties. Every Seed You Need to Plant and Grow a Bountiful Home Garden - Great Gift. 4.7 out of 5 stars 113. $29.99 $ 29. 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Aug 6. FREE Shipping by Amazon Ethnobotanical Study of Traditional Medicinal Plants Used By Tribe of Guna District, Madhya Pradesh, India et al., 2012), Canada (Uprety et al., 2012), Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci (2015) 4(7): 466-471 468 Seeds and Fruits Wound healing and sore throat, diarrhea and dysentery, gonorrhoea, piles and in.

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Future ethnobotanical research endeavours should focus on documenting the knowledge held by Aboriginal groups that have so far recei Traditional use of medicinal plants in the boreal forest of Canada: review and perspectives J Ethnobiol Ethnomed. 2012 Jan 30;8:7. doi: 10.1186/1746-4269-8-7.. And J. L. Hudson, Seedsman, who publishes the somewhat forbidding Ethnobotanical Catalogue of Seeds, preaches that by planting traditional nonhybrid seeds in my garden I can help to preserve. Seed banking: A soft, thin seed coat and lack of seed dormancy suggest that alderleaf mountain-mahogany seed does not persist in the seed bank [1,27,28]. The absence of alderleaf mountain-mahogany seedlings on burned sites led researchers to suggest that seeds are not adapted to long-term survival in soil and/or are not resistant to fire [ 333 ]

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seeds seem to have more potent medicinal values than the flesh. or cramp.Papaya seeds have antibacterial properties and are effective against E.coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus infections. Papaya seeds may protect the kidneys from toxin-induced kidney failure. Papaya seeds can eliminate intestinal parasites In this article, we examine the use of red elderberry fruit at site 35-TI-1, a late Holocene village on the northern Oregon coast, where more than 68,000 seeds from this fruit have been recovered. Despite the fruit and its seeds being somewhat toxic, red elderberry was widely used both ethnographically and during earlier periods

Seeds - First class mail USA $3.00 Air mail international $10.00 (Canada, Central & South America) Rest of the World: 1-12 seed packets $14 / 13 or more seed packets $18 (no tracking) Priority Mail international - fastest service with tracking (any # of seed packets) $30 - recommended Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases List of Plants for OLEANOLIC-ACID Plant Part Low PPM High PPM StdDev Reference Achyranthes bidentata Fruit --Achyranthes aspera Plant --Agastache rugosa Root 10.0 -0.8643260077603725 Jim Duke's personal files. Akebia quinata Stem --Albizia lebbeck Seed Wealth of India Your Price: $1.95. Roots are dried and roasted to be used as a coffee amendment or substitute. Traditionally used as a medicine. A native of the British Isles, chicory, also known as Succory, has been naturalized all over the world. It flowers at two to three feet tall False dandelion is a summer perennial that can grow up to two feet tall on branching stems, although they will not reach this height in mowed turf areas. The lobed hairy leaves are 2- to 8-inches long, and grow in a basal rosette. The leaves have a prominent mid vein and grow flat on the ground. The flowers of false dandelion are yellow. Arrowleaf Balsamroot is a perennial growing throughout western North America as far east as the Dakotas, as far south as California and throughout western Canada as well. It grows in a variety of habitats, including forested mountains and the sage brush steppe. The taproot is covered in a hard bark and is fairly resinous